Ennio Morricone dead

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Morrissey Central WHY HAS COMMON SENSE BECOME SO … UNCOMMON? (July 4, 2020)

crazydayandnights: Morrissey (Blind Items Revealed - July 3, 2020)

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Basically an infamous gossip site that spills celeb tea and they recently revealed a few details about the mess... HOLY SHIT

The diehard and fanatical fans of this foreign born singer who is A/A+ in his native country and who has a new album coming out soon would be surprised to know certain aspects of his real life that are seemingly in contradiction to the public persona he has built up over the years in lyrics, in interviews, and even in his own autobiography.

For one, he has at least two illegitimate children, the result of encounters while on the road. One was conceived during his time in a now defunct band that is still popular today. He has always been coy about his sexuality, he is bisexual, but in fact, contrary to popular opinion, he has had more relationships with women than men.

Also not known is his violent temper. He headbutted a promoter...

Smiths Torrents 2006-2020: "Goodnight & Thank You" (July 3, 2020)

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From @DavidA:

Goodnight and Thank You
I have retired smithstorrents.co.uk. It has served its purpose and had started to go to seed.

In the 1990s I found a bootleg of The Smiths at a local record fair. I was amazed that there were live recordings of my favourite band. It was before the internet so until that day all I knew of were the albums in the record stores along with a few singles. From that point, it turned into something of a mission to go to the record fairs and collect rarities and live recordings.

In 2006, I established that I could start sharing these recordings with other people on the internet using torrents, so I set up smithstorrents and offered up what I had. There were already low-quality MP3s on the internet but I wanted to try and collect the best possible versions at the highest possible quality. Gradually people started sharing what they had and the site built up some momentum. A turning point was...

Morrissey Central (& SER YT): "DAVEY THE WIND BLOWS BITS OF YOUR LIFE AWAY" (July 2, 2020)

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"We hadn’t rehearsed the song. David called me at my hotel and we tried to duet down the phone, which became very funny because David couldn’t remember the words, but on the night it was me who forgot and David remembered. You can see a slight disapproval from him when I repeat and repeat the wrong lines … his look says ‘you shouldn’t be singing that bit again’. This clip is my 4th favorite memory of David. It’s nice that Ron and Russell are in there too, but Russell looks irked … I expect he was missing the concluding sequel of that night’s Columbo.”
Morrissey 30 June 2020"


Morrissey Central "#YourLivesMatter" (July 1, 2020)

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Omega Auctions: memorabilia auction results (June 30, 2020)

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Following on from the Market Place thread detailing the auction of mainly Geoff's memorabilia, here are the final prices reached by the lots.

(Lot number/Item/Estimate/Hammer price).


(The above were not from Geoff's sale).

"Everyday is Like Sunday" 1988 promotional film ~ alternate location sound mix

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Apologies if this is generally known about, but í certainly wasn't aware of it, and can find no mention in the relevant 'literature'.

This appears to be a version of Tim Broad's promotional film for "Everyday is Like Sunday" with seaside location sound mixed in throughout the film, as well as Sunday afternoon chit-chat from Billie & Cheryl. And a brief Hawtrey duet with Morrissey at the end.

Previously excerpted as a stand-alone amongst the odds and sods on the "Hulmerist" collection, í assume this early sound mix was rejected for full-on Moz-a-rama.
Or ~ was this how it was shown at the time? í am sure that í would have remembered noticing Charles pipe up on "The Chart Show" Etc.
The versions on "Hulmerist", "¡Oye Esteban!", YouTube Etc all feature the standard audio.

Unearthed on the site of Mike Southon, BSC, who was the director of photography on this, and many other 'classic' pop videos of the day. He also...

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