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The Smiths

The Smiths - (TQID) Warners 20th anniversary bonus cd of related rarities cd-r on eBay

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This will be interesting to watch. First one of these I have ever seen for sale..
The 2006 debunked Warner's Queen Is Dead rarities bonus cd-r. All looks legit to me.


This is a UNRELEASED internally distributed CD that was prepped and planned as part of a reissue of The Queen is Dead. Unfortunately, the plans for that were scrapped and the songs were never released.

NONE of these UNRELEASED DEMO tracks have ever been released.

Most of these tracks have never been mentioned on Morrissey and Smiths web-forums and I doubt many of these CDs even exist nowadays.

The CD and cover are in impeccable condition. I placed paper over top to prevent counterfeiting of the listing and to cover private information.

This may be your only chance to own one. Feel free to message me with any questions...

This Charming Man - ( Alternative Kasual , Chemical Disco Boot )

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Enjoy it before the lawyers get it taken down.

30 years ago today...

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....Smiths play their last UK gig:

TTY: SMITHS 45 - Morrissey involved in new Smiths 45 on Warner (Boy With The Thorn/Rubber Ring)

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29 November 2016

Warner UK will release a previously unissued version of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side as a physical 45. The sleeve, above, is by Morrissey, with layout by Darren Evans at Warner UK. The B-side is a previously unissued version of Rubber Ring.
The sleeve image is Salford actor Albert Finney.
Details of availability of the record will follow shortly.

I hope that Warner will do the next Morrissey album then.

Related media:

Oasis ‘Supersonic’ director wants to make films about Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths -

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Oasis ‘Supersonic’ director wants to make films about Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths -
Mat Whitecross discusses future plans in interview with NME


Having reunited the Gallagher brothers to work on Supersonic, Whitecross admitted it would be perhaps even more difficult to get Morrissey and Johnny Marr’s involvement in a potential Smiths documentary.

“I think that might be the fight that kills me,” Whitecross joked. “[But] I’m just reading Johnny Marr’s book at the moment and it sounds like they met up at least once, and no one murdered anyone else so you never know. If they’re up for doing a film then yeah. Anything like that, we know Johnny’s manager’s, he’s a good friend of ours so maybe I’ll try and get on the phone one day and see how it goes.”

Morrissey front cover of German "Musikexpress" and 11-pages story about the end of The Smiths

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In this month's issue of German music magazine "musikexpress" (Dec. 2016) :

"30 years ago: The Smiths - As the most important band of the 80's broke."


Johnny Marr interview by Simon Hattenstone in The Guardian; extract from memoir

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It's a big, wide-ranging interview and the book extract is revealing. Tons of stuff to interest folk here. Should have it up within an hour or two, when I get back.

**EDIT** Here we go. Don't say I never give you anything. I find the last page the most revealing and interesting.

**FURTHER EDIT** - weblink here...

Johnny Marr: ‘The conversation about re-forming the Smiths came out of the blue' - The Guardian
By Simon Hattenstone
It’s 29 years since the Smiths split up, and founding member Johnny Marr isn’t angry any more. So what happened when he and Morrissey met for a drink?

Smiths featured on Map Of Alternative Music History

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Let’s All Obsess Over This Intricate Map of Alt Music History - Wired


It started with The Sex Pistols. Specifically, with The Sex Pistols’ June 4, 1976 show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. The concert now ranks as one of the most influential performances of all time, up there with Woodstock. But the audience, not the band, made the show famous. Around 30 or 40 people showed up (although thousands would later claim to have attended), and rumor has it that crowd included the guys who would go on to start bands like The Smiths, Joy Division, and the Buzzcocks.

article continues at link

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