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Oh yes, this is what we like to hear....:thumb::thumb: search

Morrissey - The Very Best Of: Win Signed Vinyl Copies!
Morrissey - Glamorous Glue Bundle: Win Signed Artwork Print!

"Stop Me..." multi-track studio recordings extracted from Rock Band 3

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Multi-Track-Studio-Recordings-of-Stop-Me.... have been provided here :

Multi-tracks of ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’ -

See also the forum thread started by Gurlejerk where the tracks may have originated from:

If you've downloaded this before, stop me

Morrissey mentioned in Time blurb about celebrities who go by only one name

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In this recent Time® blurb, Morrissey is mentioned alongside Oprah and Fabio as a celebrity who goes by only one name.

"Irish Blood, English Heart" play in London

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Oliver writes:

I saw this story about the play Irish Blood, English Heart and wondered if it's intentionally connected to Morrissey's song:

Irish Blood, English Heart to Transfer to London's Trafalgar Studios - Playbill

Andy Rourke to DJ @ The 15th Annual Smiths/Morrissey Convention in Hollywood (May 1)

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* site sponsor *

London Calling @ The World Famous KROQ Present: The 2011 Smiths/Morrissey Convention on Sunday, May 1st @ The Music Box in Hollywood

Guest DJ Andy Rourke of The Smiths will be spinning His Favorite Smiths Songs for the Very First Time-!

Hosted by KROQ Legend and SiriusXm's Richard Blade, with a LIVE Performance by "These Charming Men" from Dublin Ireland + Special Guests: "Louder Than Bombs"

Guest DJ's include: Alex (Club Am/Fm & Club REFLEX), Larry (Club Underground), Steven Wayne (Club Violator) + Dancing,Contests,Vendors,Giveaways.....

Doors open @ 7pm....

Ticket information online at:

"Asleep" cover by Emily Browning on "Sucker Punch" soundtrack - stream

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Depeche609 writes:

I noticed that the soundtrack for "SuckerPunch" has 80's covers on it. Track 8 is a cover of "Asleep" by someone named Emily Browning.

You can listen on the AOL music page.​

Chris Weitz to shoot Morrissey concert according to Tweet

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Somedizzywhore reported it first:

Director Chris Weitz tweets he will direct Morrissey concert

Chris Weitz
25 Mar

“@aryam578: have you ever considered directing music videos?” no, but Morrissey just asked me to shoot a concert of his and I will

"The Queen Is Dead" #7 Best Album of the 80's in Rolling Stone Reader's poll

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In a recent Rolling Stone Reader's Poll, The Smiths 'The Queen Is Dead' was voted the #7 Best Album of the '80's! While, of course, most of us would rate this album #1 all time, it is pretty mind-boggling that the uber-traditional Rolling Stone readership would rate this album among it's top ten of the decade!

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