Morrissey mentioned in Time blurb about celebrities who go by only one name

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In this recent Time® blurb, Morrissey is mentioned alongside Oprah and Fabio as a celebrity who goes by only one name.

"Irish Blood, English Heart" play in London

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Oliver writes:

I saw this story about the play Irish Blood, English Heart and wondered if it's intentionally connected to Morrissey's song:

Irish Blood, English Heart to Transfer to London's Trafalgar Studios - Playbill

Andy Rourke to DJ @ The 15th Annual Smiths/Morrissey Convention in Hollywood (May 1)

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* site sponsor *

London Calling @ The World Famous KROQ Present: The 2011 Smiths/Morrissey Convention on Sunday, May 1st @ The Music Box in Hollywood

Guest DJ Andy Rourke of The Smiths will be spinning His Favorite Smiths Songs for the Very First Time-!

Hosted by KROQ Legend and SiriusXm's Richard Blade, with a LIVE Performance by "These Charming Men" from Dublin Ireland + Special Guests: "Louder Than Bombs"

Guest DJ's include: Alex (Club Am/Fm & Club REFLEX), Larry (Club Underground), Steven Wayne (Club Violator) + Dancing,Contests,Vendors,Giveaways.....

Doors open @ 7pm....

Ticket information online at:

"Asleep" cover by Emily Browning on "Sucker Punch" soundtrack - stream

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Depeche609 writes:

I noticed that the soundtrack for "SuckerPunch" has 80's covers on it. Track 8 is a cover of "Asleep" by someone named Emily Browning.

You can listen on the AOL music page.​

Chris Weitz to shoot Morrissey concert according to Tweet

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Somedizzywhore reported it first:

Director Chris Weitz tweets he will direct Morrissey concert

Chris Weitz
25 Mar

“@aryam578: have you ever considered directing music videos?” no, but Morrissey just asked me to shoot a concert of his and I will

"The Queen Is Dead" #7 Best Album of the 80's in Rolling Stone Reader's poll

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In a recent Rolling Stone Reader's Poll, The Smiths 'The Queen Is Dead' was voted the #7 Best Album of the '80's! While, of course, most of us would rate this album #1 all time, it is pretty mind-boggling that the uber-traditional Rolling Stone readership would rate this album among it's top ten of the decade!

Morrissey stars in KATSU's latest fake ad, spotted in New York

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I spotted this phone booth advert, newly placed this weekend at the corner of East 12th Street and Avenue A in Manhattan, depicting a mid-90's era Morrissey, a scribbled graffiti tag of "Kat" and, erm, a Nike logo? I'm suspecting it's not a sincere marketing campaign and rather the work of some handy vandal who snuck it in there, given the xeroxed-quality of the paper and print. Curious if anyone else has seen them out there?


An anonymous person also writes:

Moz becomes target for a street artist prankster. I did a WTF double-take myself.


Happy Martyr - Boz Boorer's other band

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Alex Lusty met Boz Boorer backstage at a Morrissey concert in December 2004 at London's Earl Court. They were soon recording together and their first musical collaboration was 'The OneThree' and the album 'Life Goes On' was released on black records in the autumn of 2005. Now they have both finally found the time to record new material, and Happy Martyr was born. Described as 'urban folk' or Ian Dury fronting early T Rex, the duo's music is a raw sounding, stripped down acoustic rap crossover. Tracks for the debut album were recorded between London and Boz's Serra Vista studio in Portugal, which was also the backdrop for the video to accompany debut single 'Painkillers'.

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