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    Youtube to mp3?

    There are many Firefox plugins will allow a direct downloads of mp3 from YouTube. It's 1-click and no reconverting
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    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    Gonna be a few disappointed big spenders with these auctions. Besides the HSIN intrumental it looks like all of this stuff has either been officially released or leaked. Eden studio is mixing of the debut album. The half a persons "remixes" are just changes in S/N. Ask remix is the official...
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Thanks for this! I tried to purchase on the day of release but only 1 track was available. Went back the next day and nothing was up.
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    Recent Radiohead leak Straight rips of the MDs apparently, not split into tracks...
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    Low in High School slipcase CD

    Anyone have a spare to sell? Please PM. Thanks!
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    Vicar In A Tutu - Instrumental Demo

    Thanks for sharing this one! Has the QID Demo (track 1 on the CD-R) leaked yet? I can't recall seeing it anywhere
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    The Smiths - (TQID) Warners 20th anniversary bonus cd of related rarities cd-r on eBay

    By my count there are only 8 tracks on this CD that haven't leaked as of yet: · The Queen Is Dead (demo) · Frankly Mr Shankly(demo) · I Know It's Over (demo) · Never Had No One Ever (demo) · Cemetry Gates (demo) · Bigmouth Strikes Again...
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    Live in Jakarta 2016-10-12

    Thank you for sharing! Your efforts are very much appreciated. One problem: I've tried each file a couple times but I keep getting #17 How Soon Is Now as not decodable. Could you please repost this track? Thank you!
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    The Soundcloud Leaks

    Soundcloud converts all uploads to 128kbps, which is probably the reason.
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    The Soundcloud Leaks

    The easiest (and faster) way of DL from Soundcloud is to get the Firefox plugin which gives you a button to DL the track directly. Going from SC > wav > mp3 is silly.
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Here ya go:
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" CDR promo lists impact date of Sep. 8

    "Impact date" does not necessarily indicate a release date for a single.
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    WPINOYB Promo Cd

    Great, I can't wait to see these on eBay going for $200
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