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  1. joey

    Tilles - Greenvale, LI ticket (Row C) for sale

    Have a single Row C Boz side ticket for sale. Looking for face value or best offer. Can meet at venue on Wednesday. Message me!
  2. joey

    Anyone have Boston and/or RCMH pit for sale?

    Looking for 2 Boston and Radio City pit tickets if anyone has anything. PM me please!
  3. joey

    Hello again

    Hello "new" forums. Long time, no visit. How is everyone?
  4. joey

    Pitchfork gives Bona Drag a 9.8 and "best new reissue"
  5. joey

    I need a high quality Bona Drag pic

    Subject says it all. I'm looking to get a cake made for a party on Saturday with the Bona Drag cover art, minus the text, and instead have "Unhappy Birthday" written on it. Anyone have a good scan?
  6. joey

    Sxsw 2010

    If you care to read, here is a recap of my SXSW trip, Day 1:
  7. joey

    My Morrissey Pilgrimage

    My dorky self is going to try and do a little writing about the Left Coast shows I'm about to make my pilgrimage to. Rather than make it a whole new blarg, I'm going to make some posts in the music site I've been writing for lately, (we mostly cover Louisville, KY and a...
  8. joey

    If you like My Morning Jacket or Monsters of Folk

    Then you may like these videos I took: The latest ones up are of Jim James playing a solo set in Louisville (his and my hometown) at a small venue called The Rudyard Kipling. I got to be right beside the stage and just couldn't put down the camera...
  9. joey

    The Killers

    Is there already a Killers thread? I didn't see one, oh well. I saw them on Saturday and rather enjoyed it - minus Shadowplay. Ian would roll over... Start shameless plug: I did a review of the show and got some pics of Brandon for all you frinkers...
  10. joey

    John Hughes 1950-2009 RIP John Hughes died a while ago today. What a sad day :tears:
  11. joey

    Philadelphia 22nd March 2009 videos

    Forgot I had these until I saw someone talking about Seasick. All in HD too. Intro/This Charming Man A bit of talking Let Me Kiss You Band introduction How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? Seasick, Yet Still Docked The Loop also... Moz...
  12. joey

    1 Webster Hall Ticket For Sale - Hard Ticket

    PM me, I'll be queuing most of the day, but I'll check here first. Looking for what I paid for it - $80.
  13. joey

    I Have Forgiven Morrissey

    Inspired by all the cancellations. I was a good kid I wouldn't do you no harm I was a nice kid Never stage invaded at all Forgive me any strain Of flu brung to you With doc's help I know We'll always be near to you But Mozza hurt me When he deserted me, but I have forgiven...
  14. joey

    Asheville Pity-Party?

    Is anyone still going to Asheville up for a Moz Night Pity-Party?
  15. joey

    Plain, regular, boring, same-old same-old intercourse with a woman

    Up until recently I've never had plain, regular, boring, same-old same-old intercourse with a woman. I've only had normal, fun intercourse with a woman. But recently there is this old hag I've been shagging and she is completely and utterly plain, boring, and just the same-old same-old when it...
  16. joey

    Girl Scout Cookies Who loves 'em? That left row is the first thing you see when you get to heaven.
  17. joey

    One Record A Day - my silly review blog

    I know I'll probably get this thrown off-topic or get trolled, but... I have started a blog where I listen to a record (or CD/digital) that I've never heard before, or that I'm not familiar at all with, and I write a short review about what I think about it based on only one or a few listens. I...
  18. joey

    Good deals for IJWTSTBH 12" and GH LP Search for Morrissey and it's the IJWTSTBH 12" picture disc for $24.99 Greatest Hits 12" for $14.50. Some good holiday deals :D
  19. joey

    Andy Rourke CMJ Fest DJ set?

    I read in The Music Slut interview with Andy that he said he'll have a few DJ sets for CMJ in NYC this week. Anyone know when or where?
  20. joey

    Nine Times Fined - what does it mean?

    Nevermind me, things can only improve. I was just thinking about what the phrase "nine times fined" meant in Nobody Loves Us. I found this from searching the ol' Google...
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