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    Into the sea, you and me

    I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me. - T. S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock I've always been obsessed with sirens. Even as a little girl, when all my friends had "normal" dolls, I had all the fishtail dolls. Red hair, green...
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    Comment by 'Psychodreamer' in 'First person is the (l)on(e)ly person'

    I've watched the episode last night after you gave me the link, it was really funny, I wouldn't have chosen those exact places to show to a tourist, but I liked it nonetheless. Our local cuisine is ridiculously unhealthy! Glad to know we share the same thoughts on old age, actually I think it's...
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    Comment by 'Psychodreamer' in 'First person is the (l)on(e)ly person'

    I would say it’s a shame you never visited the vampire land, but I hate it here so I won’t. Actually it has its appeal for the tourists, so it might be a shame after all. The mountains are gorgeous, a perfect place to (figuratively) get lost in. I just visited Slovakia, well, Bratislava. What a...
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    Comment by 'Psychodreamer' in 'First person is the (l)on(e)ly person'

    I forgot to mention that, to my shame, I never heard of Christopher Hitchens. Just searched for his name and of course he is famous and I should have known about him, but apparently news on him never made it to my isolated country and to my isolated mind. I'll look into it. Into him, to be more...
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    Comment by 'Psychodreamer' in 'First person is the (l)on(e)ly person'

    I think you misread the tagline, it's actually my location "Former communist country". Figures, since "country" is so far to the right. :) I love philosophy in general, my taste is pretty eclectic. I like to see myself as an objective and empathetic person, always trying to figure out WHY...
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    Comment by 'Psychodreamer' in 'First person is the (l)on(e)ly person'

    Oh I only wish I could be as opinionated, if there is one thing I admire some people for it's their ability to say things that others would prefer to remain unsaid. I am more of a "try to please everyone" kind of girl, whilst secretly dying with rage on the inside for not speaking my mind. It's...
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    Psychodreamer's Blog

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    First person is the (l)on(e)ly person

    Don't you just hate wanting to belong? It sickens me to the point I never admit it anywhere. Well, except here. In a strange way, the fact that strangers will get here by mistake or intention gives me great joy. I am a stereotype. I am a loner, I feel as misunderstood as a teenager and I both...
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