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    T-rex request

    Does anyone have "Teenager in Love" the acoustic duet? It's such a pretty song. Please and thank you!
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    If you have the time..and you don't mind..

    I have a class that I have to sit in for two hours straight..It's more enjoyable when I listen to Morrissey and The Smiths on the computer. So if you may, can you guys send me some songs? Doesn't matter which. Any band you reccomend is fine as well. Just as long as I don't die of boredom. Oh and...
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    BBC versions?

    I was just wondering if anyone would like to share their Smiths BBC songs with me? MP3 please. I don't know if they are available anywhere.. Let's see there's: Half A Person I don't owe you anything London Miserable Lie Reel Around The Fountain Rushholme Ruffians Still Ill These...
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    Klaus Nomi!

    Who else loves this man? Morrissey chose some intro songs of his, "Wayward sisters", "After The Fall" He's was so unique and different
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    req: Back to the old house (BBC version)

    Does anyone have it? please?
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    Are there any t-rex fans here? Would anyone like to share some of his rare songs? :o I can't the song "Deborah" out of my head
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    song request..

    Does anyone have Morrissey's cover of "Maries the name of his latest flame" I know he only did the beginning of it, does anyone have it? thanks!
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    Broken Hearted Morrissey songs

    What would be your ideal track listing in a Morrissey/ Smiths mixtape about being lonely or broken hearted? Here are a few of mine.. 1 The More you Ignore Me 2 Please Please Please 3 I wont share you 4 He Knows Id love to see him 5 I want the one I cant have 6 Unloveable 7 You've got...
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