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    Morrissey interview, 2 songs on 3 News - New Zealand TV

    Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV The first 10 seconds of You Have killed Me vid :lbf:
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    What would be Soloers 1 luxury item on a desert island?
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    Come Dine With Me

    Which 5 people would you like as dinner guests? Dead,alive,fictional etc.
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    and if they're Northern

    ...that makes it even better. Someone at work described Southerners as "all wind and piss" I think thats pretty accurate.
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    Devote a Moz lyric

    to other soloers or to nice and be nasty
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    Who would you kill?

    A bit early i know,but who would you gladly murder if you knew you could get away with it?And why?
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