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    Craig Walker (Mineral / Power Of Dreams) discusses Morrissey / Marr

    Ex-frontman of Power Of Dreams and now a quarter of new 359 band Mineral, Craig Walker discusses his early days - including his love of The Smiths CRAIG WALKER: the mouthcast (1) - The Mouth Magazine
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    Morrissey / The Smiths by The Primitives, The June Brides and Mighty Mighty - at The Mouth Magazine

    New podcast from the SCARED TO GET HAPPY launch gig - chats with eight bands, some of whom discuss their connections to Morrissey and The Smiths...
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    Lloyd cole - standards (special edition required)

    Hey folks, I have pre-ordered the download of Lloyd Cole's new album, but I see there is a rare special version going out to fans, with an extra disc of outtakes and things... If anyone has this, could they post? Would love to play this stuff and compare to the finished album. Thanks in advance!
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    REQ: SPARKS - Extended

    Does anyone have this collection of 12" mixes that they could share? Many thanks
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    Bernard Butler talks The Smiths

    Loads of glowing praise for Morrissey, Marr and The Smiths in this exclusive podcast interview with Bernard Butler. BERNARD BUTLER: a mouthcast - The Mouth Magazine ...Any apprehensiveness I may have felt is immediately dismissed with a “make yourself at home” and a trip to the kitchen where...
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    Johnny Marr interviews in The Mouth Magazine, Drowned In Sound

    AN INTERVIEW WITH JOHNNY MARR - The Mouth Magazine Excerpt: The question that seems to rear its head (and increasingly so since The Stone Roses reformed) is: when will The Smiths do the same? But I think that your legacy is best left intact where it stands, and in any case, despite the public...
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    looking for Lloyd Cole - Loaded Live in New York

    This was the live disc included in the Collected Works boxset released around 10 years ago. I appear to have neglected to rip this particular disc when transferring my CDs to digital before the big sell-off of a few years back. Hopefully someone here will have a copy? Thanks in advance!
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    Record Store Day b-sides - anyone?

    Hey there - does anyone have good quality MP3s of the two live tracks from the b-side of the Suedehead picture disc? Haven't seen them appear on here yet, thought they might have surfaced somewhere on the net but no luck so far...
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    Request: Robyn Hitchcock - This Is The BBC (2006)

    A bit of a long-shot, I know, but does anyone out there have this album that they could upload? I'd be most grateful, it's all that's missing from my collection of the ex-Soft Boy's solo stuff.
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    REQ: Max De Mara - Classist (Max De Wardener and Mara Carlyle)

    Does anyone have this obscurity? There were only 333 copies issued... Very hard to find! Max de Mara - Classist Collaboration between Mara Carlyle and Max de Wardener is one of three short works to be released by purpose-built label Six Inch Records.
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    REQ: Elvis Costello (a couple of B-Sides)

    I imagine, following his comments on Moz a while back, that Elvis Costello is faily hated around these parts... but, regardless, I am requesting the following tracks to plug the gaos in my collection of EC studio recorded releases... All three are from the 13 Steps Lead Down CD single, and...
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    BLACK CLOUD (US TV performance)

    Does anyone have a high-quality upload of the American TV performance of Black Cloud from a couple of years ago available to download? Many thanks.
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    REQUEST: The Wedding Present / Cinerama

    Looking for the following on MP3: TWP - Peek-A-Boo (from earthquake benefit album) TWP - Bizarro Live In Tokyo 2010 (CD version with 6 extra tracks) Hope someone can help? Many thanks!
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    REQ: SixNationState

    Anyone out there got this band's album that they would care to upload for a curious person? Thanks.
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    REQ: Belle And Sebastian - Peel / Radcliffe Sessions (NOT the official CD)

    LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING BELLE AND SEBASTIAN BBC BROADCASTS: Glastonbury Festival, Somerset: 30 Jun 02 Wandering Alone The Boy With The Arab Strap Lazy Line Painter Jane The Wrong Girl John Peel / Pre-Burns Supper Special: January 2003 Ye Banks and Braes (Robert Burns) Address To...
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    REQ: Belle And Sebastian - Final Day (slow version)

    Does any kind soul out there have the "Slow Version" of Belle And Sebastian's cover of Young Marble Giants' FINAL DAY...? It was only released on the Japanese version of the BOOKS e.p. Thanks a bunch.
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    Does anyone have THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH AT THE BBC box set...

    ... that they would care to share? Muchos, compadres. x
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    Suzanne Vega Close Up 3 - States Of Being - extra "Nimbit" bonus tracks required

    Hi all Bought the download of the new Suzanne Vega album from Amazon this morning. Marvellous stuff... But, oh, what's this? Buy it from Nimbit and you get two extra tracks - Language and Anniversary... Would any kind soul who goes through the Nimbit route be kind enough to help a fellow Vega...
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