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    Noel Gallagher on Morrissey and Marr (Bournemouth Echo)

    Words: Morrissey, Music: Gallagher. Why not? Sounds like a good idea to me.
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    Sandie Shaw on being pals with Morrissey in Metro

    A sort of update on this, not sure if it's news-worthy in itself. From an interview with Sandie in today's Metro newspaper (commuter newspaper in the UK): Sandie Shaw on Eurovision, Bonnie Tyler and Morrissey - Metro Metro: Are you still pals with Morrissey? Sandie Shaw: Is anyone? I don’t...
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    Jonze's reaction to the current front page story - near bottom of the comments timjonze Comment No. 813920 December 2 3:39 Bangkok/tha Oh dear. Right. I was in New York writing a piece on Morrissey. Morrissey WAS charming. I WAS a big Smiths fan. I WAS nervous before the...
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    Request - Playing Easy To Get / Redondo Beach (sessions)

    Hi guys, After I lost a hard drive I lost my copies of Playing Easy To Get and Redondo Beach, the sessions versions from the Janice Long session. I love both tracks and the quality of the recording was excellent too.. so I know there are some excellent qual. versions of these out there...
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    That's How People Grow Up - new song

    Download link:- Credit to:- SDHigbie on YouTube. All I've done is take an mp3 of his video. You can see the vid on YouTube here: - Lyrics:- I was wasting my time Trying to fall in love Disappointment...
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    The Draize Train from CD source request

    Surely someone on this forum must have the Panic CD single? It has The Draize Train, only place you can get it on CD. (studio version that is, of course a live version appears on Rank). I would love either a wav or a 320kbps mp3 rip of this track from CD. Sadly the Panic CD single is very...
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