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  1. wastelandofyourhead

    Morrissey Photoshops

    Been seeing some unintended and intentional shops in the threads. Here's a placeholder for impending Morrissey Photoshops:
  2. wastelandofyourhead

    Thrift Store - 90's Alt Rock Explosion

    So, I went to my favorite place, and they had a 90's music explosion in the CD section. Someone had donated their entire collection of 90's alternative rock from the looks of it. Ended up with 20 CDs for a buck a piece! (complete with case and sleeve in perfect condition). Here's the...
  3. wastelandofyourhead

    ERASURE - The Violet Flame (Album Stream) Erasure's brand new album The Violet Flame will be available internationally on September 22nd (September 23rd in North America).
  4. wastelandofyourhead

    Mixing and Production / Gear

    [Place holder for those like TheYoungest and others to discuss this topic] And if you are interested in general -- What is your gear? What do you like to listen to (or mix) music on? I still don't have proper studio monitors. I'm holding on to a pair of 90's Bose Series 301 shelf...
  5. wastelandofyourhead

    Viva Hate / Kill Uncle Missing Tracks from the Remasters

    Hi, In order to enjoy these remasters in their original track listing, I have applied mastering presets from iZotope's Ozone 4 to the missing tracks so that their volumes are more consistent with the other remastered tracks. The sources were the original studio album Flacs, loaded in Adobe...
  6. wastelandofyourhead

    Unreleased Morrissey b-side from WPINOYB (Satire)

    Morrissey - Morrissey SoLow.mp3 :lbf:
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