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  1. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell YT: "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" video project (January 4, 2021)

    Regards, FWD. Now shared via Central: Morrissey Central: "SOMETIMES I WANT TO MURDER TIME SOMETIMES WHEN MY HEART’S ACHING" - January 8, 2020
  2. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell: "Five Morrissey Albums That Deserve Reappraisal" (December 3, 2020)

    Regards, FWD. Update: Both Morrissey Official Twitter & FB have subsequently shared the article. See also: Morrissey Central: "THE ARCHIVE FIVE" - December 3, 2020
  3. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell: "Morrissey reflects on 'the horror of 2020' after departure from BMG" (November 17, 2020)

    Morrissey reflects on 'the horror of 2020' after departure from BMG. BMG should surely be begging for Morrissey's hand for every future release he will produce. For there lies true diversity: committing, with loyalty, to an individual who thrives as completely himself in a sea of conformity...
  4. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell: "10 Underrated Morrissey Tracks You Need To Hear Today" (November 3, 2020)

    10 Underrated Morrissey Tracks You Need To Hear Today "It’s hard to believe that the man who carved out his niche as the patron saint of the outcast in the 80's is now in his fourth decade of music-making. There’s a lot of internet mythology and needless controversy surrounding Morrissey, but...
  5. Famous when dead

    Post Millennial: "Morrissey: How did the ultimate anti-establishment artist make it against all odds?" by Fiona Dodwell (October 17, 2020)

    "We have become acclimatized to safe public figures who brand themselves as a commodity like a soft drink, palatable at first but devoid of any substantial nourishment." FWD...
  6. Famous when dead

    Music News / Fiona Dodwell: "The unforgiving storyteller: Morrissey's lyrics remain as vital today as ever" (July 31, 2020)

    "Morrissey's lyrics have become as much of a trademark as the iconic quiff he sports. Dry, critical, sneering and defiant, he has been pop's favourite, much-loved outcast for many years. His skills as a songwriter are highly revered, so today I take a look at his creative signature style, and...
  7. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell: "Misunderstanding Morrissey: Sparks and the steady drip, drip, drip of slander" (July 15, 2020)

    "One wonders whether the vocal Morrissey detractors have delved much beyond the surface of NME's clickbait headlines and the lefty identity politics of formerly reputable publications like The Guardian." FWD. Related item...
  8. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell: "Morrissey and the Silent Majority" (June 4, 2020)

    Morrissey and the Silent Majority. Fiona Dodwell / tremr - June 4, 2020. "The artist who tackled social injustice, the meat markets of China and police corruption 20 years ago, finally seems to have his ideas embraced by the mainstream media and population: so why has he been condemned all...
  9. Nerak

    Morrissey Central But Before You Go, Can You Look At The Truth - Fiona tweet, concert footage from 2011, UK doctors / vegan article (May 17, 2020)

  10. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell: "Morrissey, Coronavirus and the Animal Kingdom: When Truth is Unpopular" (April 26, 2020)

    Morrissey, Coronavirus and the Animal Kingdom: When Truth is Unpopular Regards, FWD.
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    Music News / Fiona Dodwell review of "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" (4/5 stars, March 9, 2020)

    Website Music News has published a review today of I Am Not A Dog On A Chain. Link: by Fiona Dodwell (4 of 5 stars)
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    Fiona Dodwell interview - Felten Ink (Jan. 30, 2020)

    On Mozza: "He is an absolutely outstanding artist, entirely in a league of his own" I saw interview on Fiona dodwell about her writing and they ended asking some questions about why she likes Mozza and why she would still support him, and I think it hits the nail on the head for a lot of fans...
  13. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell / "Muslims stand with Morrissey" (December 5, 2019)

    Excerpt: "The upcoming Morrissey exhibition, "To Morrissey, With Love," shows us that the perpetually offended are wasting their time... There has been a constant carousel of headlines about Morrissey in recent years, and unfortunately much of them have not been about the music - which is...
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    Article "Five ways Morrissey has been ahead of his time" by Fiona Dodwell -

    Written by Dodwell, I believe Related items: Morrissey Central: Five Ways Morrissey Has Been Ahead Of His Time. - October 12, 2019
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    Revisiting "Your Arsenal" 27 Years On - New Article on Eject Music by Fiona Dodwell

    New Article about Moz and his career in the early 90s. Nice to read something actually positive. Memories of Morrissey: Revisiting 'Your Arsenal' as it Turns 27 - Eject Music As Morrissey's album, Your Arsenal, turns 27 this week, Fiona Dodwell takes a look at the album and the 1992 era of the...
  16. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell: "Morrissey and the Death of True Diversity" - (29 June, 2019)

    Morrissey and the Death of True Diversity. - tremr By Fiona Dodwell Except: "If there was doubt in anyone's mind where the modern world is headed, there isn't any more. We now have the answer. True diversity is not permitted, for if you don't agree with the loudest voices, you will be...
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    The Guardian and the Morrissey Vendetta by Fiona Dodwell - tremr

    A new article about the Guardian & Mozza. The Guardian and the Morrissey Vendetta. - tremr By Fiona Dodwell Excerpt: "Journalists must not engage in intimidation, harassment or persistent pursuit," states The Guardian's own editorial policy. Rightly so, for the media's power to sway public...
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    Exclusive Morrissey interview - Fiona Dodwell via (27 May, 2019)

    There's a new Morrissey interview he's done with Fiona Dodwell on a music website. Media coverage: Morrissey compares Merseyrail to Nazi Germany after his posters are removed - Far Out Magazine. Link posted by Famous when dead. Related item...
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    To Mersey Rail and THAT Record Store by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr

    To Mersey Rail and THAT Record Store - Tremr By Fiona Dodwell
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    "Morrissey and the Magic of Music" by Fiona Dodwell -

    Just saw this one on twitter. There's an article been put on, Morrissey and the Magic of Music. It's by the woman who interviewed him before, fiona dodwell. I read it, she's interviewed Boz and Joe Checcarelli for it. Morrissey and the Magic of Music by Fiona Dodwell -...
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