Clint Boon interviews Johnny Marr on XFM

Just received a text message to say that Clint Boon is interviewing Johnny Marr on XFM tonight. Don't know if it's a repeat from 2008, but most likely it's a new one.

Summary posted in the original thread by jm26:

Decent little interview.

Still in touch with Mozzer by email etc. "fragmentally" was the word he used (I think; or something similar). Talked about shared humour, being friends etc. and agreed with Clint that Mozzer will be remembered for hundreds of years as a great wordsmith.

Came across as a top bloke, as he always does.​
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"I won't share you
I won't share you
With the drive and ambition
The zeal I feel
This is my time"

Morrissey & Marr: a song-writing partnership made in heaven... :)

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