Defensive Morrissey Fans Take Gold in Mental Gymnastics -- The Hard Times (satire)

Defensive Morrissey Fans Take Gold in Mental Gymnastics - The Hard Times


LOS ANGELES — The International Committee for Problematic Favorites announced today that die-hard defenders of Morrissey have won the 2019 gold medal in mental gymnastics, following a close finish and much deliberation.

“It was a very tight competition this year,” said head ICPF judge Rob Smedley, who cast the tie-breaking vote. “Morrissey devotees were up against a lot of fans who’ve managed to separate the art from the artist despite… well, the artist doing and saying some pretty terrible shit. Kanye West fans were the frontrunners until Morrissey sold out his Broadway residency even after his embracing of far-right politics. But his recent vague non-apology for wearing a ‘For Britain’ pin on the ‘Tonight Show’ was the icing on the cake.”

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Another writer that reads this site when they need material. I'm disappointed they didn't use the term Mozbot! Did Brummie Boy's time here count for nothing?


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Haha! ordinaryboy86 getting so triggered over my mere rating of this thread post. Too funny.


Not to be "defensive", but it was I who coined the term Mozbot, and the funny thing is that the reference is attached to a response I made to vegan.cro:

I do miss Brummie though.


Yes a hilarious post very very funny.:crazy:
You showed me good, Ive yet to recover.
If only Brummie were here to see how much your comedy had progressed.:ha-no:
Its not 'attached' to the post, its mentioned in the post FFS:squiffy:

Yes Mozbot caught on big time.:lbf:

You and your bud there, Insp Clouseau should go and invent sockless kiting.:straightface:

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