Hoodies of The Smiths


Jeff Buckley Is God
same! :)

i read the seller's feedback, and someone said the MiM sign wasn't straight...

so that put me off, though i like that it's thin, because i don't like thick ones


Cheeky Defendant
I never understood why the band doesn't have an "official" website where they could sell merchandise..

They could sell CDs/DVDs/apparel and it would generate some add'l revenue for Moz/Marr/Rourke/Joyce.


Lovely Riah
The ebay ones and the like are usually just cheap screen prints on cheap garments. Generated for profit out of moderate want. You could easliy get the same hoodie with a differing band album cover or artist print on it, many offer it or are affiliated with those that do.
Official stuff isn't made by the record company or the artists, but they want their cut, so the cost goes up. Plus the company must buy a certain ammount from the supplier, they don't really do short runs ad-hoc. Then the price is at the mercy of the material and design costs.


Jeff Buckley Is God
i was thinking of buying a plain decent hoodie, then getting the print put on.. but no idea how it'd turn out..
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