James Maker Statement: Is Morrissey a racist?


Is Morrissey a racist?

The answer is an emphatic 'no'. In the forty years that I have known Morrissey, I have never once heard a racist epithet pass his lips. The terms 'racist', 'fascist', and 'Islamophobe' are so freely used nowadays against those whose opinions and worldview differs from our own, that they have lost their power and meaning.
Also, there is a worrying trend on the Left that, ironically, echoes fascism in its intolerance of reasoned debate. One is not only 'wrong' in expressing a different opinion, but one is also now 'evil'. I believe that calling Morrissey a racist is unjustifiable and wrong.
However, if you want to run out of the house wearing a garment ill-suited to the elements in order to throw Viva Hate into the Manchester Ship Canal, then that is, of course, your right.

In supporting Brexit, this does not make Morrissey an immigrant-hating 'Little Englander' who lives only to reverse the metric system and bring back steam trains. The truth is, there are myriad reasons why people voted to leave the EU. One of them is a mistrust of Brussels technocracy where unelected representatives make decisions that are arguably a matter for sovereignty.
Patriotism and Nationalism are very distinct: the former is characterised by an affection for one's country; the second is a more extreme and unforgiving form of allegiance to one's homeland. Morrissey might be guilty of patriotism, but not of nationalism.

Opposing Sharia Law in the UK, or FGM, or institutionalised misogyny—which is (trigger warning) widespread in the developing world—is an appropriate Western response borne of democracy and the development of civil liberties. It is neither racist nor Islamophobic.
After all, if I were to move to the United Arab Emirates in search of a better life, I wouldn't reasonably expect to be able to build a hot dog stand empire, serving pork products whilst dressed in a gender-neutral miniskirt.

To oppose halal slaughter is to oppose slaughter with additional cruelty. The zakat tax payable for Halal certification is used by Islamic organisations to fund mosques and religious schools. Such is the many-tentacled nature of zakat, it is difficult to determine whether it is also being used to crowdfund Islamist extremism. There is a growing concern in some quarters that it might be.

Hitler was indeed 'Left-wing' in the sense of incorporating the word 'socialist' into the party's name to cynically draw voters away from communism and towards populist nationalism dressed as socialism. Hence, 'Hitler was Left-wing.' Morrissey was not suggesting that Hitler and Yvette Cooper (for example) share the same political ideals. The fact is, Left-wing totalitarianism looks little different to Right-wing authoritarianism — if you're being oppressed, it's the same experience.

Again, is Morrissey a racist?
My answer is an emphatic 'no'.

James Maker.


vegan.cro spirit #220

God you really are thick as a plank

. Either that or you're really young. Or both.
You f***tard, people can do overtime, on a voluntary basis, or have two or even three jobs.
The point is that in ONE job they canNOT get exploited unless it's VOLUNTARY overtime, you dense dense dense dense individual.

Course you'll never understand what I mean because when you do grow up, mummy and daddy will make sure you're never short of a bob or two.

Now go have a wank on pictures of Morrissey with a bulldog.


You must have developed the succesful business model:crazy: of voluntary overtime only when there is no work while you cant be made to work when there is work. :tears:
This buisness approach will soon reach the overall target of bankrupting the country making any further work
Why are you even worried? You probably are not even pracically familar with regular work time much less overtime, you probably have softer hands than
the Dame.

I think Ive now heard it all:crazy:


New Member
As you are a 'Corbynite' what is your opinion on all the 'anti-Semitism allegations in the Labour Party' swirling around the MSM at the moment?


As you're probably well aware, since Corbyn won the leadership election in 2015, there has been an ongoing civil war in the Labour Party between Labour's traditional Democratic Socialists and a small but powerful number of Blairites. Blairism is the same ideology as Thatcherism, so you can understand why they've been so eager to destroy Corbyn and expel democratic socialists from the party.

There are a handful of antisemites in all parties, but statistically more in the Tories than any other party and fewer than ever in the Labour Party since Corbyn came in (you can Google YouGov data on this). There has been an ongoing witch hunt against Corbyn and the left since 2016. If you don't believe that it's a smear campaign and a witch hunt, have a look at the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth from the Labour Party (read the transcripts of what he said) and tell me precisely what you think he was expelled for. Also, it's worth noting that the majority of Jewish socialists in Labour have publicly denounced this as a smear campaign orchestrated by Blairites.


Why do lefties always have strops /anger problems? It couldn't be that they channel their own personal frustrations into bullshit politics by any chance? Who knows.

In the Peppa Pig world of "reelfountain" and the few remaining weasels who walk around quoting lines from their favourite singer with Aspergers, everyone to the left of For Britain/Britain First/LibertyGB/BNP/EDL is a leftist.

However, I conclude that everyone from Nigel Farage to Theresa May, from Ken Clarke to Nick Clegg, from Vince Cable to Jacob Rees Mogg, from Jeremy Corbyn to John Prescott and from David Cameron to Robert Kilroy Silk, etc etc they're all basically "leftists".

Disagree with Morrissey, Tommy Robinson, the nazi saluting EDL thugs and the scruffy Irish woman and you're a leftie. Brilliant!



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Why do Nazis always have strops/anger problems? Lil Nazi snowflakes.
The amount of real Nazis in the UK is negligible. The left want them to really exist, but sadly they all but disappeared circa 1983. Squealing, Owen Jones-type, easily offended lefties, on the other hand, seem to be having a tantrum / panic attack around every corner.


The amount of real Nazis in the UK is negligible. The left want them to really exist, but sadly they all but disappeared circa 1983. Squealing, Owen Jones-type, easily offended lefties, on the other hand, seem to be having a tantrum / panic attack around every corner.

Do you have wet dreams about "lefties"? You're obsessed with them!
I understand the world inhabited by Morrissey weasels is binary, like "Kate Middleton bad, Morrissey good", "meat eating is the holocaust, Morrissey good", "England for the English vs migrants invading", "white people will never like black people and viceversa", etc...
But surely even you must be aware that it's not just people like Owen Jones who oppose the swastika donning ideology and its various spinoffs?
Otherwise the Labour Party would score 97.5% at every election in this party.


vegan.cro spirit #229

I have to say the twat blocker/ignore member function comes in handy when one of these nutters goes off on one.

I dont mind them at all, I enjoy laughing at their alarm at the prospect of possibly having to work at a
real job.

But not to worry Im working on a couple of more Directives, one involving the right of all leftie loons not
to work but to paid money and ale by their would be exploiters.:squiffy:


Nazi boys and thugs are probably his fetish.

I think he got very very mixed up when he met Lior Ashkenazi. He didn't know whether to call him "Jew boy" or goose-step to seduce him. So he just stuck to the nazi part of things because those people are more simple.

It may be the only thrill he's got left, with death looming, with nobody to look after apart from a handful of relatives. Maybe all he's looking for is someone who'll kick his face in but only thugs do that, not Mayors, and there's no way those lads will, they must all love him too much.
Maybe they kiss his rings. Maybe he calls some of them Eva. Maybe he really has a boyfriend in Tel Aviv. Maybe that one is called Helmut. Maybe they're planning to take over the world, with other rich and well-connected people, (some even Jewish or Muslim) maybe they have secret meetings in saunas.

He must be feeling very transgressive. Very "revived." But if I were Sam I'd be very worried about where the money goes...

As we celebrate the anniversary at Casa Hound, we can't help laughing at the disaster. I knew it was going to get bad, without help, but this is like Alan Partridge taking off his gloves...

And as usual, the sad part is, nobody wonders about Diesel's opinion about all this.


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If the left wants to get serious about "racism," whatever that entails now, they need to operationally define it and come up with a specific plan to counteract it, ideally one that will appeal to the majority of people. Right now, all this "boy who cried wolf" rhetoric is totally useless.

The same thing goes for feminism. Come up with a plan and make some specific demands and set some specific goals that you would like to achieve, achieve them, and then shut up.

Things could be far more simple and efficient!

brilliant so it's up to the left to convince people why racism might be a problem


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brilliant so it's up to the left to convince people why racism might be a problem

Racism exists in many forms, which is a problem.

The left seem to think that the government is Mommy and Daddy. The government, like Mommy and Daddy, in their view, needs to mediate individual conflicts rather than people finding ways to do this on their own.

If we are going to be using taxpayer money to address vague and unquantifiable problems, should they not first at least be well-defined so that we can set specific targets? Should we not operationally define the precise things that we are using these Government Programs to eradicate? Otherwise, what is the point? We are only wasting time and money and throwing our toys about the pram. The Government Programs will exist forever and achieve nothing.

Maybe people should just let the general public hash things out. Oh, but then again, we don't like democracy and individual autonomy because they let inconvenient things like Brexit happen.

What do you suggest to contend with societal issues if not personal responsibility, public discourse, and democracy?


Last of the famous international screw ups.
I'll give you another history lesson. Libertarianism existed long before American right wingers appropriated the term and bastardised its meaning.
Also, while authoritarian socialist states have killed many people, the capitalist world is built on bloodshed, warfare and systematic violence. - - The death toll of Native Americans, in North and South America is estimated to have been between 95,000,000 to 114,000,000.
- Former CIA station chief in Angola, John Stockwell, estimated the USA was responsible for 6,000,000 deaths in the Third World. That's the death count for the Holocaust.
- In Desert Storm there were 158,000 civilians killed. In the War in Iraq there were 500,000 civilians killed. In Afghanistan there were 20,000 civilians killed. These are just a tiny selection of the USAs constant warfare since the end of WW2.
- Every day 17,000 children die because of starvation, despite the world having enormous wealth. That's over 6 million a year. Those are figures from the UN.
- Every year, 5 million children die from preventable diseases. 5 MILLION EVERY YEAR. Again, this is something that could be easily prevented with the mass of wealth held by the west.

This is just a tiny selection of the death and destruction caused in the foundation and continuation of capitalism and western hegemony.

You act as if capitalism killed Native Americans directly. I'd argue that it is more colomisaim than capitalism that led to those deaths. The entire history of the world is one of invasion and conquering regardless of the economic systems of the conqueror.

Desert Storm and the Iraqi invasion you'll get no argument from me there. They were cynical oil grabs initiated by the Bush Crime Syndicate. Evil family that one.

But as to starvation and disease in Africa you do understand that this would be taking place regardless of capitalism and the only solution can come from capitalist counties, countries where systems have allowed them to mass produce food and develop decent vaccines. Your argument shouldn't be against capitalism, verey year more and more people are lifting themselves out of poverty due to capitalism. It's the corrupt politicians bought and paid for that should shoulder more of the blame.


Last of the famous international screw ups.
As well as showing your complete lack of knowledge of libertarianism, your post also shows that you don't understand communism and socialism. Communism is on paper the most democratic form of social order. In an ideal communist nation, the state would not exist, there would be no private ownership of the means of production (they would be democratically controlled by the workers), and the country would essentially be run by local direct democracy. The USSR was not a communist state because the state still existed, the means of production were not democratically controlled by the workers, and there was no democracy. It was an authoritarian socialist state. I'll say it again, the state does not exist in communism. Marx and subsequent Marxist writers, have explained this many times.

And this part to me legitimately sounds like hell on earth and a direct ticket back to the stone ages. Are there really people out there that think this would be a good idea? Jesus f***en Christ.


Last of the famous international screw ups.
But not the capitalists doing the buying and paying, obviously, cos that's just their right.
Some capilists sure, but does that mean that the system itself is broken or that there is corruption within the system? Now you might say they are one and the same, but I would argue as an ideology, as a way for humanity ot progress itself an through innovation and experimentation capitalism as an ideology has succeeded far better than other systems. There are many that will argue that socialism hasn't worked as well because it has never been implemented properly. Well why is that? My preference is to keep capitalism while weeding out the abuse and corruption within it.

vegan.cro spirit #888

And this part to me legitimately sounds like hell on earth and a direct ticket back to the stone ages. Are there really people out there that think this would be a good idea? Jesus f***en Christ.

Are you kidding? US and CC are all over it.
Dude is clearly insane, hes been ranting and raving for several days now, all manner of things, the communist state, Pietas in the Roman Senate, Libertines in 1857 and so on... I think he was traumatize once because he
briefly had a job.
The communist state will vanish and the means of production will be controlled by the 'workers' via
'democracy'. No govt no police no state, everybody will automatically act like a Cub Scout.:squiffy:

The workers will democratically vote to take the 'means of production' dismantle all that
useless stuff and sell in on the street as scrap so as to raise some Vodka money.:straightface:
Thats what happens with this socialism thing.


The only reason why I wish he would stop making comments about England and immigration is the back lash he gets. He seemed to be enjoying the Der Spiegel interview and the few comments he made turned into an ugly mess. The video he made to try to undo the damage broke my heart.Even I was upset after the comment he made about the sexual abuse in Hollywood and he never gets me upset. It isolates him further and further from people to the point that he can't be in public , he isolates himself, he said himself he doesn't play sports anymore. And when was the last time he was seen with someone?

Morrissey , is it worth it?

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