marc bolan documentary feat morrissey


moz talkin about his love of bolan
here is a gif out of this documentary

the interviews has taken place in the mid/late 90ties i guess so you might know that anyway by now. well.i didnt...

paul morely the journlist who worked for the nme and is also from manchester 8and once contruibuted a story about his meetings /crossing way with moz in manchester 's nightlife in the late 70ties)can also be seen there...
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you are welcome
the rest of the docu is missing only part 1 and 2 was getting posted
hope he post the rest of the docu too


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It's nice to hear Moz talking about him, but if only he would stop trying to copy his style of music so much recently, it's not Moz.


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This is a wonderful documentary about another life cut way too short. It's from 1997, the 20th anniversary of Bolan's death. I like the way it's debated whether it was Bolan or Bowie who originated glam rock. Also, wasn't T-Rex Moz's first concert back in 1972?
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