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The question continues to get asked: Why do Mexicans like Morrissey so much? The short answer is the music: as I wrote in 2002, "For all the machismo and virulent existentialism that Mexican music espouses, there is another side -- a morbid fascination with getting your heart and dreams broken by others, usually in death." In other words, Morrissey -- and behold 10 proofs for my conclusion: the most Mexican Morrissey/Smiths songs of them all.

10. "Glamorous Glue"

All these years later, I still don't know what the hell Morrissey is singing about save for the following, which I mentioned in my article:

The argument can even be made that Morrissey's acknowledgement of his Latino lovers goes back as early as 1992's Your Arsenal; on "Glamorous Glue," he wondered, "We look to Los Angeles/For the language we use/London is dead/London is dead/Now I'm too much in love." Elizabethan English and its people have perished, he tells us; long live the Spanglish race of Nuestra Lady de los Ángeles.

Morrissey would eventually get more blatant in his valentines to his Mexican fans, as the following songs will show, just like...
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