The Marina & The Diamonds Thread


Jeff Buckley Is God
I'm in love.

If anyone reading this looks like her, message me :o.


down to earth, sexy and very talented ;)

i know a few of you on here enjoy her music, so..
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I really, really like her. Very good lyrics, love her voice. I can only find 5 songs by her so far though.....

I wish you could see her face better in this video...

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sugarfree sugarette
Can't wait for her album!
There aren't many female artists I personally like but, she's definitely my #1 female now :)


she's too sexy to be alive, seriously

i love girls with freckles

Indeed, that said you'll see girls just as pretty walking around any city you'd care to name.
But anyway that's by the by, she seems like a talented soul.
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