Which Smiths/ Morrissey Lyrics Best Describe You?


"And I'm turning to you
to save me
and I'm turning to you
to save me save me"

Man, I sound depressed lately. I am just generally pissed off with little things. Also, I kinda hate my bloody weekend...I seem so strange but recently I have just loved school...home is boring!

Love PTxx.
"You're just another person in the world
you're just another fool with radical views
you're just another who has maddening views
you want to turn it on its head
by staying in bed"
I said "I know I do"
He doesn't know....... :tears:


I was looking for a job, and then I found a job, and, and, you know the rest


So, tell me how long
Before the last one ?
And tell me how long
Before the right one ?

What you see is what you get
And what you get may well be worth seeing
But just be careful when you walk
On those old broken stones
Because they are my feelings


Paddington Bear
"Goodbye house, forever!"
I never stole a happy hour around here

Truly I do love you
Oh, truly I do love you
When I sleep with that picture of
You framed beside my bed

still I cling

silly note writer
Used to be: "I am a poor freezingly cold soul, so far from where I intended to go." But thing are looking up now (I think):

"And if I seem a little strange
Well, that's because I am
If I seem a little strange
That's because I am..."


Walking through Rome
to me you are a work of art, and i would give you my heart. that's if i had one.


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It describes my current mood, not me in general.

"See the fool I've been..."


Alma Matters

To someone,somewhere....I may matter....but I'lll be around 100 years old before they tell me so.:(
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