back on track and it feels right

after the real estate detour I find myself embarking on what I was meant to do a year ago, should be back in China by the end of summer. likely sooner :guitar: getting more interviews than expected at my age, perhaps China is coming to appreciate that its good to have at least one older experienced teacher on your staff of Westerners? :cool:

1st interview, got job if want it, but pay not so good and don't like location so much
2nd interview, the guy who would be my boss seems cool, has to run it by the owner of the school, but I think they'll make me an offer
3rd interview: in two days, feeling good now that the process is underway, now comes the tortured Visa process soon which they've made even more complicated than before, but I'm asking people for help that've done it since the big changes made in summer of 2017, should be good to go by maybe just 2 months or so! :)


come to Europe Robby, the ancient greeks and Roman empire plus a flight from Rome to Egypt is not far, you can see the Egyptian dynasties tombes, well China would be OK, but I would feel completely lost, for the langauge only, Japan would be nice also, sorry for my rambling, but hope you can go to China upcoming summer, waving from Holland Robby

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