I feel obligated to vote for him, especially after the despicable behavior of tbe DNC & HRC :mad:
however, id really prefer a Prez under 50 who's not some corrupt neoliberal hack like most of the rest of the Dems current field is, is that too much to ask?
worse yet, if its not him, then its gonna be the Dems putting up some turd like Biden, Harris, Booker, Warren even who trump will all kill in a re-election bid
so yeah, there is a way through, he gets the nomination, chooses somebody like Tulsi who will mostly keep with his thing going if the old guy dies, but lots gotta fall in place and frankly?
I just don't see it happening...


I'm not American, dunno the all the politicians names, watch the news close, Bernie has gotten a bit out of sight, ofcourse would it be the ideal president, but all gossip is that Oprah gonna run, that's an easy one for Trump, democrats need to find round the 55 year old male or female who woorks in the politics system, after that it's allabout the money, and Trump's got a lot...but no more 4 years Trump, waving from Holland Robby.
It’s already looking like the Democratic Party aims to lose in 2020. Because there’s nothing wrong with what the DNC has been doing. No mistakes were made in 2016. That said, I’d like to see the battle of the showboats - Booker v. Con artist. Who will be more grandiose? There can be only one.

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