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Hello, Dear Reader(s),

I join you again, for one of my many thrown self-pity parties!! (ha-haa!! i'm admitting here that this will most likely be a self-pitying entry, therefore critisism about this being self-absorbed will be rendered redundant! Well, hopefully. Friggin' party poopers.)
Anyway..welcome to my blog! I'm feeling especially f***ing shitty today!:nopity: Why, you may ask? Well since you didn't answer, here's my situation in a nutshell: back in early 2011, i had a shitty job; i was placed in a department at work that was just guaranteed to fail, for whatever late January of my mother's friends shows up at my work and tells me;" You need to leave right now..your mother has been in a serious car accident." Of course, i freaked the f*** out. I had just lost my father nearly three years before, and i was not about f***ing ready to lose another parent. He escorted me out of the building to take me to the hospital where my mother was...didn't know at first if she was dead, in a coma, brain damaged...oh my word it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. But called my older brother about her to the hospital...she was alive...and very conscious...but she did have a compound fracture in her wrist, a couple of broken fingers and ribs, and a pulmonary contusion (which may have lead to a collapsed lung if she wasn't watched.). All of this occuring because her accelerator got stuck (and no, her model of car was never the subject of a recall...she was never contacted by phone, e-mail or snail mail)...she told me her speed kept increasing and she tried to slow down/stop...but the brakes weren't working. She pulled off the highway and onto an access road and into a Walgreens parking lot...she said it was a little eerie how no one was on the access road or walking in the Walgreens parking lot...she said the only way she knew to stop the car was to crash into a she did. Since she's told this story, so many people have told her: " should have done should have done that.." Well, you know what?? My mother was never in the service and was never taught how to react in crisis situations...she never thought she i think her crashing into an inanimate object instead of a building full of people speaks volumes about her!
So anyway...she was badly hurt..she had to have major surgery on her poor wrist. My Dad being gone...and I so know in my heart he would have doted on my mother hand and was up to me to help take care of her. Not that i minded, but i know deep down my parents wanted me to live my own life..not worry about them...(to be continued..)


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