Go Rams!

Remembering the only Super Bowl I ever went to, my dad had just weeks before made his escape from Iran and he spent a buttload of money on tickets even though he really had no place to live, crashing at some other oil engineers place while he waited for a settlement from Fluor for losing all his shit and his Iranian money now being worthless, those oil boys did come through though, got their people out(unlike the US gov) and compensated them for their troubles, Fluor, a corporation I don’t loathe.
Anyways, great game, this 80s goddess opened it up with the anthem and it was a fantastic game, Rams ran the ball methodically and kept the Steelers offense in check with 3 picks, still, just barely leading with like 10 minutes to go, then Terry Bradshaw and his 2 great receivers did what they so often did and bam, the Rams lost, a heartbreaker but they were a dynasty already, the Steelers, one on its last hurrah, while the Rams it appeared were on the rise, just hoping history doesn’t repeat itself today and yeah, thinking of my dear, departed father with the L.A. Rams back in the Superbowl after nearly 40 years, and no, the ones during their unfaithful sojourn in St Louis dont count, though I did sort of still root for them from afar since I loved the way those offensive powerhouse teams played there for a while…


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