I've come to wish you an -un-happy birthday

In less then 40 minutes -here anyway- it'll be may the twenty-secondof may, the birthday of -one of- the greatest lyricists who will ever live. Yes, I'm talking about Steven Patrick Morrissey.

I've just watched Wilde, and well, impossible love must be terrible. I think it's something from all times. Romeo and Juliet, but I think that the caveman also knew such a thing as "impossible love". I don't know why I'm talking about that now, or well, writing actually. But somehow that reminded me of Morrissey, which seems quite obvious. I mean, after all I'm just a teenage girl, it's normal -to some degree- that I involve my idols in such basic things -?-. anyway, "impossible love" must be terrible, but just imagine never knowing what love feels like AT ALL. Honestly, I think I'm "doomed" to that, for I have way too much personalities, and I'm terribly shy, I don't really feel a need to talk to anybody at all, as long as I can expres myself in the ways I want I'm "happy", or, whatever you call happy.. But, Morrissey, known for being celibate since forever, boy, I worship him for that. Surviving 52 years on your ow, and hardly any "real" friends. I don't know if I have to believe that, because honestly, I think Morrissey does enjoy drama. Like I do, as you can see by the way I'm writing. But I got to mention I do that unconscious.. You see, I do make some spelling mistakes.. But anyway, I wouldn't be able to survive 52 years like that, well, maybe if I had such fame, but I'm pretty sure I won't ever be famous at all. I think I'm just an ordinary person, slightly mad, but ordinary.

I can relate to Morrissey's childhood though. Being secluded in your bedroom for 3 months -in my case more then 4 years-. Reading lots of heady books, having a passion for something. For me it's drawing, art, it's the reason I exist. Oh well, I'm not here to talk about "how related I feel to Morrissey" -the "s where meant as sarcastic-.

I'm actually wondering if anyone has been counting down to his birthday? Except Morrissey himself, though I think he rather counts back. But he did say he couldn't wait to die... Or something like that...

I'll quit writing anyway, I must be boring you lads to death. Hope you have a lovely day.

And if there's any chance Morrissey will ever read this, I hope you have a loverly birthday!

Cheers people, and remember, stay weird!



Nah, I really suck at writing. I REALLY do...
Nah, I'm sure that if I'd show this to Morrissey he would disgust it.. But yeah, that's me x)

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