Just wanted to

…Just wanted to re-introduce myself!! I did it somewhwhere on the site but as I'm not "un habitué", I guess I did in the wrong place!! I wish to be here more than I do (=Nothing!!). I am a BIG Smiths & Moz fan, and thst's "simply" the reason I should be here much more… I follow them (and him solo since '88) since 1984. So, I simply guess that ?I've just earned it, baby!! Hello to every TRUE Moz Fan!! Should be full around here, isn't? THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHO IS ME… IS ME!! :D View attachment 32210 View attachment 32211


Ang just wanted to let here some pic of my collection, even if some piece isn't in this pic, as I live with my gr and haven't bring my records here: I know, Shame is the Name!!

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