Late Nights, Deep Thoughts

Well he-haay there!
Seems i need to stop making promises of returning soon, because I never do. There are times, in fact, many, many times, where I vow not to post on this website again. But yet I keep coming back, to lurk. And then eventually...the urge to post something. My conflicting feelings arise from (a) this is a Morrissey "fan" site, yet the most vile shit imaginable reagarding him is posted on here and (b) I've logged onto this website since ''s kind of like going to your local watering hole/hangout that you've been going to for many years, even if its surroundings have deteriorated's still YOUR turf, damnit!!

As testament to the many trolls posting on, Morrissey is not a saint (don't think he'd like to be one, anyway). Yes, he's made lots of decisions in his life which subject him to public scrutiny. However...that's what makes him different...his foibles occur IN THE PUBLIC EYE. Can you imagine if every f*** up in your life made the news?? Ponder that.

Well, you lucky insomniac souls, it's nearly 3 a.m. where I'm at, and sleep is finally beckoning. Hopefully I'll soon return to elaborate on what I'm talking about, but now I'm not promising anything...


Cheers! Isn't it confusing how these trolls put so much pressure on Morrissey to live up to *their* version of how he should be, and such crazy things like that? If you truly love someone and respect or admire their art, then it makes no sense to post insipid criticisms. I feel as you do, been posting here since the late 90s, but mainly around 2000 onward, and used to moderate a bit. People change and evolve, and should never ever be put into a box or limited to someone else' view of what they should be. I need a drink now :)

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