oh yeah, almost forgot


what I actually came here today for, not to waste time with racist incels who now, basically, drive content here
anyways, its been a long road, but goal weight #1, 200, is within sight, everything else after that I'll consider a bonus, though I've no reason to think I'll stop losing weight once I reach it, unless I start eating at night again or loading up on sugar, these things and standing even when I could sit are the constants in this current drive to lose weight...


When my tub of peanut butter is finished I plan on going off it and bread to lose weight.
why do you think bread is unhealthy,we Dutch eat a daily breadmeal, not sandwiches with sauces, just slices, some butter, and only 1 meat or cheese, or jam/conferance[dunno the right word],...people take a lunchbag with bread to work, anyway you lost weight Robby, well done, waving from the Netherlands, have a good weekend Robby.
I hear you Celi, and while bread itself is not "bad" too many carbohydrates is not good for me, and I overdo "carbs" in two main ways, sugar and bread :o

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