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So the phenomenon with this picture...
It seems to many, including me, that Moz is looking much healthier and also younger. The long hair is back and there appears to be a lot of muscle on its rise. However, some are debating whether Mozza is simply breathing in and whether
the younger appearance is something as small as botox or something more significant.
Moz has never been fat. He has never looked excessively old. I agree that recently he has looked somewhat ill but from this photo Moz is looking great. Moz began looking ill around the time of revealing his cancer treatment. Hopefully, this photo, where he is looking great, is to reassure us that he's getting better.
So this post is for those who are being bloody horrible to Moz. You can stop. Moz will have enough in his head and he doesn't need idiots like you attacking him. The man has mad so many happy and if you are not one of them, then we do not worthy you. If you are on this earth to insult people, please do it to the royal family. Thanks,


He looks healthy, fit, and tremendously sexy.
Whatever he's doing, looks REALLY REALLY good on him.
He is perfection to my mind no matter what.
Such a beautiful man.

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