Teatro MOZ, the world's first Morrissey-themed theater festival (LA, Nov. 13, 2014)

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Teatro MOZ, the World's First Morrissey Theater Festival - LA Weekly blogs
By John Ochoa


A trio of young Latino musicians is playing on the floor of a rehearsal room in East Los Angeles. A familiar melody fills the tiny room as Natalie Camunas begins to croon the lyrics to Morrissey's 1988 classic "Suedehead." Backed by Andres Solorzano on acoustic guitar and Cesar Solorzano, not related, on the miniscule, guitarlike charango, this rendition twangs with a more Latin feel.

It's the group's first rehearsal, as it gets ready to perform musical interludes during the forthcoming Teatro MOZ, the world's first Morrissey-themed theater festival and playwriting competition, taking place Nov. 13 at Casa 0101 Theater...

Teatro MOZ
Casa 0101 Theatre
2102 E 1st St.
Boyle Heights, CA
Thursday, Nov. 13.
Tickets: http://teatromoz.brownpapertickets.com



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