The mirror of our life; Art.

Hello lads and old-lads..

So, uhmm, someone told me I had to write about my love for "art". And to be totally honest, I have no idea how to write about such a thing as art. Art isn't a thing to write about, art is something to look at, and use your imagination.

Well, I guess first of I have to explain the titel of this blog.. It's just something I find quite poetic, but it doesn't really fit in modern life anymore in my opinion. 100, 200, 300 years ago, art was like the camera is for us. Artists got hold of the past with their paint and skills, like we get hold of the past with camera's. Art is a mirror to another world, a world in the past. And so are photographs. They make it able for us to look in the past. And so are paintings.

I myself want to be an artist too, but not such a crappy artist as most artists are nowadays. I mean, a blue canvas with a yellow line through it is called art already, even child drawings are called art. 100 years ago you REALLY had to have skills to call yourself an artist, now you just have to own some paint and you're an artist already.
But I won't say all art is crappy nowadays. For I like Jackson Pollock and Gris Grimly. You people should check Gris Grimly out, he's amazing with aquarell:

I love how art makes you escape from the real world. Because be honest, you like your dreams and imagination better as the real world, full of war and pain. I used to lay on the ground in my bedroom staring at the sky for days, and it was fun, for I had my endless imagination. But since about a year I fill my days with reading and drawing. I'm such a dull person...

Oke, I really don't know what to write anymore, I'm even boring myself!

Oh, last thing, check this song out, it's amazing, kind of Joy Division like, the voice.. :

Keep it strange!


Lol, still don't think so. I can't write AT ALL...
Mèh, you might think it's good, but I think it's crap. :)
yes you can write!you should really do a blog well hatever there are:blogspot etc.
im sure you have a future as an artist before you,dear:thumb:
but keep hanging on and think it that way. every person struggles in their life
we just have to make out whats best on our short time on earth!
and i can understand your family problems
maybe now the age of 18 and you independence seems far aways but it will be faster arriving then you think...
i hope you have bags of fun at your first mozzer concert.
Aww... Thank you so much! Maybe I will, I only might be too lazy to keep coming back to Blogspot or something. Also, when I see nobody reads my blogs I imediately stop writing. And I doubt anyone will read my blogs.. :/
I hope I will, my family doesn't support me you know..
I will try, and I hope that I get to meet Moz so he can kick some confidence into me, kind of ;)
Oh, it really feels far away, I've been counting the days you see. But my current life might bring something positive for the future. Just like Morrissey could be in the Smiths because he was secluded in his bedroom for most of him teen years :)
And thank you :D
you are welcome :)
well, i must warn you mozzer rarely stops after or before the concert for signings (ive heard it a bigger chance if the peopel waiting are quiet than screaming -quite logically)so dont take it personally if he walks by...maybe also his shyness kicks in once off the stage?
if youre heading for the first row standing (cant quite remember if its seated or not)rather choose the right or left (dont know how rowdy the people will be- prob not that much like in england-
drink enough,chewing gum to keep mouth from drying, maybe a bit of gmnastic like standing on your toes then roll back ,move feet in circles,bend knees a bit and back etc maybe you wont notice the long standing in your legs, but your momma surely do..
and I am too;)..
..i just remember you said you have a seating. but often when he comes on stage, peopel storm up front if the security lets them
EDIT: a lot of peopel throw or give him the presents/letters directly on stage
Yeah, I know, well, if you know me a bit you'll know I'm VERY shy too, but I'll definetely run after him when he passes me. I did also hear that if you begin to talk to him happy and not nervous or something, just in a positive way, he'll be the same. But he said that in the Smiths era so I don't know if it's still like that.
I'll just throw some of my Moz sketches and a letter on stage I guess. And if I get to talk to him I'll tell him he has to get it.
And I don't know about the left or right. I want to stay in the middle so I get a chance that he sees me, I'm such a Moz freak, eh?

Oh, by the way, on my ticket it says that you can't bring a camera with you, but, do you think most people will? I find it quite laughable that you can't take a camera with you when you go to a concert?

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