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  • Hey bikie, hope you are well. :)

    Thought of you when I read this and wondered if you knew... from Weds paper, that Peter Falk is suffering from Alzheimers. :( His daughter is seeking a court's approval for a conservatorship as he no longer recognizes people. :( I didn't realize he was 81. :eek:

    I'll admit, I kind of frinked on him as Columbo :o:) but I was mostly in love with Darren McGavin as NightStalker :cool: RIP, McG :tears:
    You haven't missed ANYTHING..:) You were lucky to escape my Wall stories. I was like a woman who had given birth...:)

    Okay Biki. Have a lovely
    Hmm, not sure even i could be that sad. I was boring the arse off EVERYONE about it. It's best you didn't hear my Wall boasting....:)
    Hmm, it would look a bit dodgy me turning up in the dead of night photographing a Wall..:)

    well, like i said, you really deserve a party..:)
    Great to hear..:) You really deserve that party and you MUST get drunk to celebrate. That's an ORDER!!!

    My Wall was beautiful. I resisted the temptation to take a picture of it though..:)
    It seemed such a long time but are you completely recovered?

    I have just been working hun with a friend who's a Builder and Garden Landscaper. And i built my own WALL a few weeks ago, and it's still standing..!!! yay for me..:)
    You had your illness for a long time hun. How did you cope?

    And you deserve a big party and i hope you get suitably drunk...:)
    uhmmmm, yes kindof, i'm allowed to drink alcohol again in .... 17 days:D I've invited all my friends, old friends, and friends of friends to my place (and I hope the neighbours wont complain :o ) It gonna be niiiiice I hope!!
    I am doing okay hun. Could complain but wont...:)

    are you over your recent but long bout of illness?
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