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  • Haha, hating on you. I thought you were a mod? No? I'm clueless when it comes to that stuff.

    I wish I was in good enough shape to be on tons of teams. The good part about playing on 2 teams for fall ball is, the teams only play 1 day a week so I'm on a Wed. co-ed team and a Sunday co-ed team. It's not too bad. some of the guys are over the top though and while I am glad that my team mates are able to smash the ball well over the 307 foot fence in center field, it sort of makes my offensive efforts seem pointless in comparison haha.

    I find that it's difficult to track down new adult leagues for softball via the internet, at least in the Philly area anyway. I heard of the good league through word of mouth.

    But it's worth a shot. I'd be interested to see what men's fast pitch would be like. Probably some monumental home runs haha.
    Well, basically I love them both, but there are moments when I prefer the dark progressive vibes from Tool, and there are moments when I prefer the light vives from APC
    hey Jimmy! I'm doing ok. Thanks for your concern! I KNOW I STILL haven't answered to your last PM, forgive me! I've been on fb more often than here lately but now that Moz is sick again, or 'still ill' I think this is the place to be for the time being til we get more info on his condition and the fate of the touring overseas! :0 Bcnya, Kar
    LOL.. oh you mean you noticed I kind of left?
    Meh.. sort of, but also I dont know, people are just so mean here, its kind of crazy. It's almost like being scared to post sometimes because you dont know who's going to say something nasty to you. Not sure why the admin wants that kind of environment but I guess that's his prerogative. I will be checking in though because I'm sure if Moz comes back here this place will be where I hear it first. :)
    WOW! My perception of you has changed completely! Very wise words Jimmy! Thanks! The lack of friends thing has been a constant my whole life cos I'm shy by nature=another Virgo trait unlike you social butterfly Leos! Chatting to you guys on here who love Morrissey to the core of your beings as I do, makes me feel a little less alone--like his song You Were Good In Your Time says! Hope your doggie Eddie keeps going on as long as he can :)
    Ha! Ha! Epsom is pretty small next to PRIDESVILLE! So you have a SON?! Uh your Virgo son is prob not as wild as his Leo dad, eh? Of course you can raise a perfectly good child even if you may not always see eye to eye on things. We Virgos are quiet, reserved people for the most part so there is a clash of personality there...You like to live it up from what I can tell...I think I was born a homebody! To quote Moz, "And it's safer to be inside". Could also have to do w/ my sheltered upbringing as well ; maybe a combo of the 2! I need people like you to get me out and about! "And when you want to live,how do you start? where do you go?...who do you need to know?" 14 is usually unheard of for most dogs! My Golden Retr "Cinnamon" had developed cancer of the throat so she had to be put down at age 13 :( ; that was in 2001 and I still miss her. Haven't had a dog since, so I have a bunny rabbit and a cat! ---Kar
    Aww, ironic a pc monitor fell on your doggie's toes and here you are online! I am a homebody that's the sad truth! I'm a Virgo unlike you wild child Leo! but yeah when I'm not working I try and come here! How OLD is your poochie?! $25 SWEET deal for vet bills! They can really add up quick if an animal needs constant care/recup. xKar
    Yes Jimmy I don't have my own pc sad huh? So I come to the lib a couple x a wk. Aww, did you miss me?! Now I feel special! ;). Ha! Ha! No thanks to ME that your doggie's better! Well glad to hear that! What hapnd to him anyways?! LOL I saw the broken g pick on your fb pg! What's up w/ that?! Laterz! x Kar
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