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  • I am doing even better because i thought i had somewhere to be tomorrow and it's tuesday....Yay!!! It means i get more of a lie in.. In case you don't understand my joy, i have just been given tomorrow off. talk about lazy..:)

    Oh, i pray the sarcasm NEVER changes. I am a fellow devotee of the artform..:) Sadly i am surrounded by people who do not appreciate it, which is just disappointing. I am not cut out for ordinary discourse, i have accepted!

    I am doing okay...:) Why do you feel so bad hun?
    are they noisy?
    Supernatural is on here at about 11pm on one channel and smallville is on sundays at about 3pm. one is too late and the other is at a time where i am sodding about, Heroes is on Wednesdays at 9 pm, perfect time for me.
    has clark cut his hair yet, his hair is too long. how come Lois knows clark without his glasses?
    no i have issues with talking white mouses, it disturbed me!
    your welcome.....if it was Moonraker you wouldn't get it :p
    she told me she saw Blink 18 what ever at the O2 arena. have you seen that band:p
    it works for me also provided me with a link to Adult friend finder :D LOL hopefully I will try and get a chance to see a couple of episodes.
    I have a film to watch tonight called Dead & buried.
    i always miss Smallville, but i've grown a bit tired of it:o
    i still can't get over the fact that it is HUGH LAURIE and he was in comedy shows when i was growing up like blackadder and Fry & laurie. And also he is Stuart Little's dad.

    PS. I went to the Postoffice today and sent you the mouse mat:)
    She always looks like a rabbit in headlights unless she is playing with her iphone! it was Brian Bolland's The killing joke 'Joker' t shirt.
    I'll try and catch it and watch it if it is one again.
    I know you did:p
    never watched either show, i don't know if the series was shown here. supernatural was/is on here but too late for my sleepy head.
    I have no idea, but not 'reed richards' or mousey newton :p
    yes, today :D yesteday she was in a check shirt & joker t shirt!!!!
    they are both nutters:D
    I have seen a couple, utter rubbish.
    I quite like that one:D
    if you do that, no wonder you need glasses :p
    they have only been 2 episodes of this season shown so far (i think).
    he only does it to wash the streets clean or something....nothing to do with being a nutter:p
    same here. I just rewatch my fav anyway.
    why would you want any of that crap:p only kidding!
    can't you just watch em on line? i so half of one but i couldn't get into it.
    heroes (season 3) has started here, bbc2 are showing it a week afterit is shown on your country.
    yes, you are like travis bickle in taxi driver!!!!! working all hours!
    i haven't seen striped socks, but she did join in conversation the other day about horror films as that Hostel movie was on the telly here (i didn't see it...too late, not fussed by see it anyway). she wears colourful basketball boots thou.
    I think i might get for xmas. I want a copy of the dark knight that has a comic with it, only on sell through HMV...that is like my copy of spiderman 2.
    no i went to a barbers i normally go to, they are pretty good in there. it as short as my avatar now really!
    I thought you was catching up with that?
    I am always surprised when you do that susan storm!!!!

    I don't know, may be i got it wrong...but she is really shy and has her ipod in her ears most of the time. wears black a lot too. has this superman t shirt with the sign in silver and it's dripping black?!?!?!!?!

    I got my hair cut today:)

    may be the boy is in danger!!!!! the Mandarin could be in town....Avengers Assemble!!!!!

    (i am such a geek:o)

    i haven't watched the film yet as i fell asleep last night.
    me....never :)

    well the new manager & supervisor are up to speed. then we got this emo girl next week.
    we share the same humour about BLOW OFFS :D

    well good luck.

    i have a film called 'fade to black' to watch over the weekend. 80s slasher movie.
    it's calmed down, actually it is calmer now such & such is gone. they are drilling next door, where the toilets are...i hope it is someone drilling. Or someone had bad curry!!!!!
    did you take on that job?
    No, not really. :( :( I need to though! It's on Tuesday nights right? I need to start DVRing it.

    NO WAY! I wanna see that happen. :p

    Thanks. I hope your work time doesn't turn into anything stressful. :)
    Yes I was watching it too!! He was hilarious in rehab. :D

    I am doing so so. Today was a looong day at work and stress started early this morning, but seeing that Moz is/was in LA made me happy. :)

    Awww, thanks. :o
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