• Hey L--I stage invaded in Seattle--I got a shirtless Moz hug! :D It was over in about 1 second, but now I can say I finally did it! *yay yay* Hope to see you soon! xox mell
    Laura !
    I'll but at all Southern California gigs plus Vegas. How 'bout yourself?
    Keep your boy posted.
    Hi Laura, thanks, yes, I am home now. Just walked in the door. I guess that I didn't mention to you that I would be there. It was a scary moment. I was in tears. Fingers crossed that he is feeling well again. I still don't have a ticket for Gibson. I have to get settled and unpack! Speak to you soon! - Diane
    Hi Laura, yeah, I didn't hear about Moz collapsing until about 6 hours after it happened. I hadn't checked Solo or Facebook...I got a text from a friend. Poor guy. It sounds like he thinks he'll be good enough to continue, so I have my fingers crossed. I'm flying to Seattle to see him at the end of November (well, going to see my brother too :))! Anyway hope you're well. Oh, I went to an estate sale this past weekend and saw some vintage Barbies and thought of you. I couldn't tell if they were worth buying since they weren't in mint condition, but they were from the 60s. What are those things worth?
    Hi Laura, It is very sad. I was right in front of him on the barrier when he collapsed and I was in tears.
    I never realized LA was so big!
    LA is apparently 60 some miles from Ventura?!
    I'm hoping to go to Pomona, Ventura, LA, and San Diego, although SD is probably too far unless I get a rental car.

    Are there subway systems or trains in LA? :)
    Hey, I saw your message the next morning.
    I still haven't bought tickets yet, I'm seriously debating whether I should pay up or not, when 10 more dates are "rumoured".

    Are you familiar with the area near Hollywood Blvd and Schrader Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028? I'm looking at a hostel right near there for the shows if I do go.

    Laura! Yeah getting tickets were soooo frustrating. I am still mad that I didn't get pit tickets for San Diego. :( Maybe I would have had a chance if I just tried for 1 ticket instead of 2. :'( I'm still debating LA--I feel like I should go since it's within driving distance. Is the pit huge at the Gibson? If I will be at the back of the pit then I am not going to bother. :p
    Hi Laura! I'm so sorry for being outta touch!!! I am not sure right now if I am going to the LA show because I don't know if I can take the time off of work. So far I have tickets to: Vegas, Indio, San Diego, and I think I am going to buy a ticket off Melissa for Seattle. I might sell my Vegas tix since that would also require time off of work. Which shows are you definitely going to? I would love to go to Pomona and Ventura, but I can't spend time queuing so I'm not sure if there's any point. :(
    Did you get Gibson tix? I didn't get the pit, so I am going to hold out for now. I really want a Row AA in the seats. Let me know how it went for you! - Diane
    Sorry for such a late reply. I was waiting confirmation for the Morrissey gigs in December. I'll see you there :)
    I'll see you there! Yay! I am excited about Ventura b/c it's very small. I am a sucker for those old Art Deco theaters. I try to take in the architecture before the show starts!
    Okay, if you don't want the download and you want to wait until tomorrow, just let me know and I could help you out tomorrow.
    Laura, thank you, but no need to get me a ticket. I am going to order during the regular sale tomorrow (hopefully tickets will remain). Good luck today! It's quite expensive for GA.
    i very much hope to be making it to CA this december.

    i'd love to meet you, too, finally!

    what shows are you planning on?
    I am excited about the Ventura show! I can let you know when tickets go on sale if I hear anything. If you want me to send you a text, give me your phone # as I don't want to call/bother you in class!
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