• Hi Laura, the Ventura venue sounds great! How far driving is it from LA? I am also afraid of getting hurt. I imagine you will never forget Manchester! I am worried about the ticket sale, it will be a stressful one, I'm certain.:(
    Hi Laura! I am coming out! I have ruled out Seattle and Portland, as it's Thanksgiving weekend and travel will be madness and also expensive. I'm not sure exactly which shows I'm doing just yet, but it looks like LA for sure!! How about you? What are your plans? :D
    Laura!! Dates! Yeah! I really want to do Seattle and Portland since I've never been to Portland, but I'm just looking at airfares and it's Thanksgiving weekend. Fares are very expensive. I may just be seeing you again, Laura!! I am so excited now!!:D
    I hope to be going to LA in December, it depends on when finals and graduation are!

    Things in philly are good? How are your students?!
    Are you getting impatient waiting for the LA announcement? I want to hear something....I have been checking a few times a day!! :D
    Hi Laura
    I returned yesterday after a 2 week trip..... jet lagged to f*** during work!
    we have completed the visa forms for me to be able to live / work in Boston..... could take upto 6 months..... so its fingers crossed now.....
    how are you? school started back?
    Hope all is well? my computer is broke at the moment so doing this from the library
    take care
    You can give him the b'day gift as a Xmas gift!:D Is the Santa Barbara Bowl seated? I am almost positive it will be more than one show out West. Why would he fly here just to do one show? (unless of course, he lives in LA). Fingers crossed for many more!!
    I may be sharing hotels w/ someone, but I will let you know for sure if I do come out and need a place! I will prob only come if he does more than a few shows to make it worthwhile. Thanks for the offer. I will let you know what my plans are soon!!:) What do you think - Nokia Theater, Greek Theater, House of Blues, Hollywood Bowl, Palladium, etc etc? ;)
    yes i did see that. i am actually going to be out there from the the beginning of oct. till thanksgiving. i guess i have to come back in dec.! haha
    Hi Laura! How are you? I hope you are having a good school year. Maybe we will see each other soon! Like at a Moz show in LA *wink wink*. Take care, Diane
    Hi Laura, Thank you for all the great photos and the slide shows! Very nice, very nice! I am going to frame the one of you and I and put it in my Moz Room. I hope you had a nice trip to DC. I am so ready to see Moz again!! Take care and thanks again for the emails!
    Hi Laura!!! How are you? I am sorry I didn't respond sooner, I haven't logged into Solo for awhile! Are you definitely coming to SD on July 18th? I would love to see you and hang out! Just let me know what your plans are & I am sure I will be able to meet up. Also, let me know if you need a place to crash, you are more than welcome to stay with me! :) I totally missed saying bye to you and everything in Manchester, so I would love to see ya and see how the rest of your trip went! I still have some pics for ya that I need to fwd to you! Talk soon! xox m
    Hi Laura, How are you? I was wondering if you have an extra picture of you and I in front of Morrissey's house? Mine came out with my eyes closed.:( I am praying for a 2010 Swords tour to the West Coast. :D Maybe I'll see you then. Hope you are having a nice summer break away from school, or are you working? Take care, Diane
    Hi Laura! I am working as an aupair here in Ireland. I am currently in Navan, its one hour by car from Dublin. But I was living in Bray before for two months. I was in Galway for two days, it's a very nice city. Yeah, I am enjoying my Irish adventure very much, I like the country and the people :) I've always thought that being a teacher is one of the best jobs that exists because you have a lot of holidays lol :D Hope you have a great time wherever you spend your long holidays. Take care x
    Hi Laura! How are you? I haven't talked to you in ages. I have pics I should fwd you of us standing together in the rain in Manchester. :) What is going on with you? Is school over yet? BTW if you're on Facebook, add me! Let's talk soon!!! xox mell
    I do have a myspace, unfortunately, the name is xwildeinthestreetsx. You can add and link the pics to me on there if you want. DC for vacation?
    Hi Laura, I hope things are getting a bit better for you at school. Just think it is almost over for the summer! yeah for you! I miss you and our time together :0( Please please please let us get some So. California dates soon! - take care - Diane
    Hello Laura! I've been well, thanks. It was very nice to meet you too. I had a great time in Manchester with all of you. Hope you had a safe and good trip back home. I'm currently living in Ireland but I think there's nothing new in Spain, I think all goes quite bad as usual, bloody recession :mad: Take care you too and if you ever come to Barcelona just let me know, I can be your guide :thumb: Kisses.
    hey laura, london was great. did all kinds of sightseeing and whatnot. here are some photos. i didnt end up going out to ians house, but we got to go to the joy division bridge.

    other than that i am moving into a new house right now and hating the east coast heat. how are you?
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