• Laura! Well I got a call yesterday afternoon that I got the job if I want it! They are sending me my offer letter early next week!!! I'm soooo happy and relieved to have a job!!! What's even better is that I negotiated to start at the end of October, so I will have alot of time off to just relax! :D Thanks for putting all those positive vibes out there for me!! :) Hope you're having a good weekend! xox mell
    Hi Laura! No job news yet, but my interview on Wednesday went really well. Unfortunately, I hear they only have one position open and they are deciding between me and one of my coworkers. :( :tears: I really want the job offer...otherwise, I'm not sure what I'm going to do! Right now I'm just glad that I got those interviews out of the way, so now I'm just in relaxation mode. :) Hope you're doing well! xox mell
    hi Laura! Aww thanks for checking in with me! My first interview was today and I did okay except for the part where I absolutely BOMBED my one-on-one with the VP of Chemistry. I pretty much wanted to walk out of the building after I talked to him so I could curl up in bed. :( I have another interview on Wednesday and I'm sick with worry thinking about how that one's going to go!!! After that one's done, I'm seriously going to consider changing fields and getting into something different. I bet your job is alot of fun--did you have to do alot to get your teaching credentials? You need to tell me all about it! I need a new career! :o
    I had a decent week and it was topped yesterday by being formally invited to be Teeth's running mate in the forum election..:) You are free to choose who you support of course, but you don't want to make me cry, do you..:)

    No the week was fine and i'm pleased you survived the Carnival. I hope you are feeling better and that you get a decent sleep. I am not sleeping well myself and feel a bit 'funny', minus the jokes. Though jokes is stretching credibility somewhat..:)

    I may have some half decent news next week regarding employment, but i won't speak too soon in case i jinx it..:)

    Be well Laura....xxx
    Man, you're busy? Can i extend to you my deepest sympathy..:) Nightmare having to do things. Terrible thing about life, that you either have nothing to do or you're rushed off your feet. A happy medium anyone?..:) 7 nights a week. I hope you cope with it all okay.

    I hope you have enjoyed the Carnival, it should be over by the time you read this and i hope it went well. How are you feeling and all that?

    Apart from completely shattered, obviously.

    take care Laura...xxx
    Hey. Sorry about the time in responding, i have this terrible habit of waiting to see people's names before i respond. It doesn't make me a terrible person, but it shows that i have some growing to do..:) Where about in Scotland was your Grandmothers cousin from? Just by some of the place-names in America, you can see the influence. I had read that California is the State in America with the most Scottish ancestry. You'll be able to sleep tonight knowing that one..lol!

    I hear ya on the relationship front, once you've had a few bruises you tend to revert to your own company, it's no bad thing in the sense that it makes you independent - but like you, it makes it harder to have anyone that close. I think it's just inevitable.

    Hopefully it'll happen for you and me, but there's little else to do but get on with things. I know lots of couples who are locked in each others misery, so i get a certain comfort from that..:) Shouldn't enjoy other people's misery, but i never said i was perfect.

    I hope you are doing better this week and that these four brats are behaving themselves for you. I have been okay, but can smell change in the air. Oh no..:)

    Until the next time..:)

    Yours, Alasdair.
    Hi Laura..:) I am doing okay, how is things with you? We are having some mad weather here right now but nothing compared to what you guys get, so i won't go on about it..:) You'll be thinking, these Scots with their pussy-little weather storms...:) And you'd be right..:)

    How is school going? Are the kids behaving for you? How's your love life? Don't answer that last one if you don't want to, it's rather nosey. My love life is crap but nothing changes...:)

    How are you?
    What excites me? Nothing i could really admit to in public...lol! I should try something new that doesn't really involve people. To stop the crap jokes, would be a change of scenery..:) I'll need to just open my mind a bit.

    Your 'Bride' story cracked me up, lol! What a cheeky bitch. What is it about a woman in a veil that makes you think you can dispense with normal manners..:) There was no need to be that rude, but you turned it back on her so it's a victory of sorts..:)
    I think i am quite bored with life, but it's not really a recent thing. I like doing nothing, but balancing it with SOMETHING may be a way to progress..:) I suppose i will try anything except line dancing, which is the work of the devil, i've heard so apart for that, then anything..:)

    what were the mountains like? was it a walk or a climb?
    Nothing is really new hun. My team won today, that's the most exciting thing that's happened to me since we last spoke..:) Measures are being taken to improve this situation though, i am considering hobbies..:)

    it was a good week, though i did very little, which is probably why it was good. I am so lazy, help me..:)

    I hope you are well?
    I would love to see your paintings! What medium do you use? I took oil painting last year but I found the class was too restricting. ( I feel that way everytime I have taken an art class. Why do i go back?) Sorry about all the rain. I got a funny forward about Ireland and the flooding- probably could be applied to Scotland as well. One day I will have to go see Scotland. I was in Ireland in 1996- the west coast where my Mom is from. My grandma's maiden name was Gillespie which I believe is Scottish? I better head off to work... be well! Love, Laura : )
    Wow, it must have been pretty good if someone wanted to buy one of them. I find it very soothing and all that. I got into it last year and i'm really glad i did. No one wants to buy them though - rub it in why don't you..lol!

    I am doing well, we didn't get teo days of sunshine in a row. Shame we were going for a Scottish record as well. I am just going to bed too, i hope things are well with you?

    Sleep well and take care, Alasdair..xx
    What kind of things do you paint hun? I got into painting quite recently - well last year - that's fairly recent, i should delete the second sentence, no i'll just leave it. I got in to painting birds - i did an Atlantic Tern and an Osprey. Feathers are fun...:)

    I haven't been up to much so stories are a bit thin on the ground at the moment. I could lie, but i'd go to hell..:)

    How are you doing?
    Sorry you've been down Laura.:( I'm sure it'll get better - though i'm not sure these vague cliches really help any..:) Though they are meant, so i'm sure that'll come as scant consolation to you.

    The Apple Cider vinegar sounds really lovely, i need to eat exciting things. I need a few recipes - i have a mostly vegetarian diet, but tend to be quite lazy when it comes to preparing anything. Just an excuse for laziness i am afraid..:)

    I think Moz would be into Education, just not the sadism that he had to endure - i think there's a certain anger because education can be such an inspirational thing. You have a good imagination though and that must help in these dull meetings..:)

    I'll need to think of a story hun that will make you smile. The stories that make me smile, usually come at some unfortunate persons expense..:)

    If i think of one i'll send it to you...:) Disappointing i know...:)

    Tale care, Alasdair...xxx
    Ooh yes, his face looks very photoshopped, doesn't it. I love his wrinkles, they shouldn't mess with a masterpiece! I don't know what's up with the stickers either...I guess we'll have to wait and see. :)
    p.s. I love his shirt in that pic. There's been a few people who don't like it much, but I think it looks great on him!
    Laura! I know, I was just thinking of you when I saw those LAX pap photos and how we had just said how happy we were that he's in LA now! :tears: So...I assume you've seen the new "cover" photo w/the baby? It is to die for!!!! I feel your pain--I swear everyday I wonder why can't I work with someone as hot as Moz? :p Well I hope you're not working too hard! :)
    I am doing well..:) Irvine eh? Another Scots connection with the USA - we have the original version though, but i only hope for America's sake that your Irvine is better than ours...:) 5 and a half hours watching George Michael? You must be a glutton for punishment, cheap gag and a cheap shot. Sorry..:)

    Apple Cider Vinegar sounds pretty nice. Don't think i've ever tried that - i should really try new things..:) I don't have a Criminal Past or a two year old, but thanks for anticipating the potential to offend, which shows a remarkably considerate mentality these days..:)

    It has started raining again but it shouldn't be too bad, as long as the rain isn't sustained then we should be fine. I am doing nothing right now and need a massive kick up the arse. Though i have a few irons in the fire and we'll see what emerges, er, hot irons probably.:)

    Anyhoo, i hope you are doing well. Take care and write back when you get a chance..:)
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