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    "A soft place to land" Goodbye, Realitybites

    Sadness... I went to check her blog and noticed she hadn't posted any since 2019 . Now reading this forum post...... she was from Ohio (like me) so I exchanged writings with her via this Morrissey-solo site about our native state and life in general. Wonder if that video of her flying...
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    Best flavour of milk?

    Cookies and Cream made by Buckeye Dairy
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    Mark E Smith RIP

    To think of him in a wheel chair, head lumpy, arm in a sling yet still singing to The Fall fans ....... the will to live. As Pam Vander said he fought to the bitter end against death and we loved him for it. 60 is to young to leave! Thank you Ketamine Sun for all the music you have posted...
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    Comment by 'Guernie' in 'Best Birthday Ever!'

    Doing well and still in Ohio . I'll keep the state neat and tidy if you ever want to come back home . I don't visit this site as much as I have in the past however, when on Moz solo I always check your writings . Thank you for keeping it going all these years
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    Comment by 'Guernie' in 'Best Birthday Ever!'

    What a sweet time you had ! Thanks for the pictures and sharing the personal note from David. I agree with his 2nd sentence !
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    San Francisco, CA - Masonic Auditorium (Nov. 4, 2017) post-show

    Is the backdrop picture for Glamorous Glue a picture of a young Dean Martin ? He was the coolest of the Rat Pack ! As for the comment that the crowd perked up with the playing of "How Soon is Now " well that was the most popular song of The Smiths here in the USA . With MTV just getting...
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    Barney Farmer's 'Daily Male'

    Vidal Baboon is quite funny !! Had to read it several times and am still laughing . Thanks for posting Uncle . I think I found a new comic strip writer to follow.
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    April 2017 issue of Uncut: Chrissie Hynde (Morrissey mentioned)

    Thanks for posting the Chrissie article anonymouse ! Its great how the vegetarian lifestyle keeps her looking good and guides her . Love the Pretenders and hope to see them in concert this year.
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    When did Morrissey and Jake break up?

    Hey 12" on the slack, please think of Moz as you would Sid Barrett - The Piper at the gates of Dawn. It's easier that way .
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    When did Morrissey and Jake break up?

    Keep STANDING YOUR GROUND Ketamine Sun !!! Be strong ! TLC is just silly to say Moz is not proud of himself just because Moz's belief system is not the same as your own. Morrissey is on a higher plain of consciousness .
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    OK Go cover "Interesting Drug" - lyric video with Trump clips; to perform on James Corden Jan. 18

    Only hope is that fans of this group will go to the original version and see how Moz swings it !
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    Hand in Glove- The Smiths Indeed (Short Documentary video) - Buzz TV

    Thanks for posting . Well made and I do like the reasoning the lead singer gives for being in the band . Nothing wrong with tribute bands trying to keep The Smiths alive ! I'll have to go online to see how they sound .
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    Johnny Marr in Daily Telegraph (AU)

    What are you yammering on about gordyboy ?
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    TTY: Morrissey, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2016 - film by Sam Esty Rayner

    Goodness anonymouse ....... you really are a pin head! Why bash fans having GREAT support for Moz . I think it is beautiful short film .
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