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    Criminally Vulgar

    received this notification from paypal yesterday: i promptly contacted paypal to transfer the funds to them as reimbursement. paypal suggested waiting six months before transferring the funds, “just in case buyer decides to initiate another chargeback”. hopefully this is my final post!
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    Criminally Vulgar

    ordinaryboy86 is like some mindless barnyard animal with his incessant braying. Let me address what the jackass has to say: “Tell him to appeal, present all evidence, they still won’t buy it” As you are undoubtedly well aware Richard, I did appeal and presented all evidence. Paypal ruled in MY...
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    Criminally Vulgar

    1. all documentation has been submitted to paypal 2. a report of mail fraud was filed here: 3. a report of online fraud/theft was filed here: i’m guessing this will take a while. i filed a “missing mail and...
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    emphatic unequivocal NO i've never interacted with this weirdo before. dude is unhinged. and frankly insufferable. dunno how this board tolerates such flagrantly bad behavior. ps: remind me not to list any more Smiths rarities on discogs
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    Criminally Vulgar

    Keeping a running tally of the lies Richard has told so far: Filed Paypal claim on June 20 for “item not received” = lie #1 His email from Monday July 13 has a multitude of lies: “nothing has arrived” = lie #2. “I’ve been checking tracking and keeping in contact with PayPal, every day for...
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    a lot of huffin n puffin from ob86. but nothing of substance, just a bunch of made up nonsense. let me address some of his rambling accusations: the last time i sold anything on ebay was nine years ago. once i joined discogs there was no going back to eBay. attached are screenshots of my eBay...
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