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  • Brandon's mood was fine (as was he :cool::horny:) I esp loved it when he would stand on an amp and pump up the crowd (also provided best viewing of his bod!) My dh and I were saying that the Killers are "all Brandon" as far as energy goes... Ronnie (drums) was having fun too, but Dave and Mark were a little too blah... they need to kick it up a notch. :guitar:
    Part Two

    Their set was decorated with palm trees and the lights were those pop bulbs like Moz has, very Vegas'y. Since we were close, it was kind of hard to see certain images, like when they played their video during Shadowplay (luv :guitar:).

    So, what does it say on the forumz as to how the show was? I thought it was great! I'm slightly partial to their 06 show, but only cuz it was smaller, more intimate venue. Still, they ripped the roof off the joint!!! :guitar:

    Thanks again for getting me the tix at that price, they were going for $150/ea before the show. I refused buy $8 Light beers there, hit a cheaper bar afterwards!

    p.s. No mention about Obama. Plenty of shoutouts to Chicago tho, that gets us excited! :cool::D
    Thanks! You just saved me a lot of time trying to figure out the set list :D

    They played all but one song off Day & Age! I was so happy to hear Smile Like You Mean It (Hot Fuss) --one of my faves. Yes, Sam's Town began with B at the piano/acoustic and then turned into a loud jam. Verry niiice.The place was sold out and people were all pretty cool & into it. His voice held out well throughout, even tho it was drowned out a few times by the guitars.

    We were about 30 people back, but still close enough to see Brandon's guy liner :cool::p He was really into the show (tho not quite as much as in 2006) and got the crowd pumpin'. He was a little less Morrissey'esqe then 06 :) And I didn't mind the GA dance floor at all!! :D:guitar: And I think it was after All These Things... that they released a ton of confetti! :) weeeeeeee!!!
    Thanks again for your help w/the tickets and the well wishes! I hope we’re not sorry standing in GA all night ;p I must be getting old –lol

    I’m kind of glad it falls on Obama Day, I feel like dancing and partying! You just know Brandon will make a comment about the new Boss.

    I’ll do my best to remember the songs they play. This is Your Life is on repeat in my head (I was listening to it in the car this morning)! M83 open for them, an electronica band from France ~oui oui!
    I didn't know that there was one until nugz posted it the other day. :o

    I haven't watched South Park in ages.
    Hello dear! :) Thanks for your concern, I hope it'll be resolved soon. I wasn't panicking today, also because I wasn't really watching the news. That may be the key.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Love, peace and harmony...all-ways. Love, Moz n me. :)

    Hi dear jose
    schöne weihnachten wünsche ich dir und einen guten rutsch ins neue jahr und danke all deine tips!
    It was a version of Hallelujah played by Rufus Wainwright, I posted it on the post whatever you're thinking thread. :)
    *happy dance* :guitar:

    I like the Aragon for shows, but not when it comes to reaching/touching Morrissey onstage. But (real) complaints. ;)
    Hello Jose! I’m doing well. It’s starting to snow here, supposed to get 3-6 inches by midnight. We have our office party this afternoon for 4 hours…that’s a lot of wine. ;p

    I got an email yesterday that my Killers tickets should arrive by January 13… which is one week! before the show!! *tries not to panic!*
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