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  • I'm afraid not. The mister said I could go to one concert, and only one. :o Thanks for all the help.
    Okay, I'll go for ticketmaster then. :) Thank you. At first I didn't find your message because you posted it on your own board. ;)
    Ticketmaster will send you the tickets. Seetickets not always, especially not general admission tickets. Seetickets will send out seated tickets though.
    No, I refuse to get nervous. :cool: So don't try to make me nervous, okay? :p Which one sends the tickets by mail?
    Thanks, Jose. Funny you should say Mom said to me "it's always darkest before the dawn" last night. It's pretty freakin black right now. *sigh* We'll get thru it somehow. Hope you are doing well.
    Jose!! I just got your package!! awwww, you are so thoughtful and sweet. To think of someone thinking of me halfway around the world...made my day :) Thank you so much, you're a sweetie. And my girls loved the stickers. :) I had to (gladly!) sing the song we know about Amsterdam ..."living in a windmill in ol Amsterdam....I saw a mouse...(with clogs on)" :D but my oldest was like "Hey, she called us a pain in the butt!" :D Love the sleep mask. If only it came with its own private villa in Hawaii or something. ;) Thanks again, you are a Killer friend. :cool:
    Ooh, it was a very tape-worthy show. You'll see by the first (kissing family) skit :p He was great in all of them. AND! Justin Timberlake showed up for Weekend Update and a hilarious skit with Beyonce. Paul was looking fine...I wish I had copies of the pics they show in between skits. HAWT! :horny:

    Hope your trip to Brussels was nice! :)
    My bad mood isn't so bad anymore. There was an avalanche of stressors this morning. I walked into Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee and so wished they had something stronger on the menu ;) Thanks for asking/caring. :)
    Aw, you've had a nice day! :) Happy to hear it. Monday should be fun... my, you know how to celebrate your birthdays! Thank you again for being such a good (and trustworthy) friend. As much as time flies (and I don't want it to!), I can't wait until January 20!! :cool::guitar::D
    Happy 40th! Best wishes always!! :) :) :)

    I hope you have a "Killer birthday" :cool:;)
    Thanks for the flowers :D

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