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  • I'm, oh how do u provincials say it, 'ooooop in t'north' regular. Do a lot of work in Manchester so I do.

    I'll let u know next time. P'raps we could go on a bike ride a la the stop me video!!! Or perhaps not.
    Hello mate. Thanks for the nice welcome back on the thread earlier. I know that to say that to a spurs fan it must have been through gritted teeth!

    Truth is I've been hovering around reading the posts a lot and it appears that there is much more sensible conversation going on. A lot of the nAsty f***wits seem to have gone. And now I'm posting again and getting some half decent conversations! I therefore intend to be more involved.

    I was up in manchester with work the other day and was thinking it would have been great to pop by the lads club - never been. But in my suit I may have been mistaken for a certain Tory MP fan. Not ideal In that neck o' the woods. Although maybe so in Salford quays. Snazzy down there.

    Have u heard from our mutual pal almareallymatters? She's gone very quiet.
    Hi Laura
    Yes I am fine thanks, heading back to Boston 22nd August for two weeks with my youngest.
    What are you up to in DC?
    Are you off on holiday for the whole 10 weeks?
    Enjoy the trip - how long you there for?
    Hi Phill!
    How are you?? Hope things are going well! When are you heading back to Boston? I am going to Washington D.C. in the morning. Have a fantastic week!- Love, Laura : )
    Hi Laura
    trying to book tickets as we speak for the plane!
    I'm well thanks, busy at work as ever, how is your school?
    Best wishes
    Hi Phill!
    How are you? Can't believe my trip to Manchester was a month ago! Hope you have been well! Thank you so much for all you did for us to make our trip so special! You rock! How are your plans coming for your move to Boston? Take care! - Love, Laura : )
    Nice one, yes hopefully they all got there.
    I sent a letter to Boston the same day and that arrived yesterday too. Not bad, Tuesday to Saturday!
    Best wishes
    My parents received their postcard yesterday so the rest I assume either arrived or are on the way soon! Thank you again so much Phill!
    Hi Phill! Thank You! I sent you a reply yesterday... Did you not get one? Shawn said he got an empty pm. Weird. Anyway hopefully it went through. If not please resend and I will re-answer! Be well!
    Hi Phill!
    How are you and how is your trip going? I just checked my "Get ME In" account and they finally changed my delivery address to your address. Hopefully this won't get screwed up any further. I am just worried if they send them before you get back to Manchester what will happen to my ticket. but as of yet there has been no sending of any tickets so I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it. hope you are well! Take care!- Laura:)
    Hi Phill!
    Hope you are enjoying Boston! I just wanted to let you know I am still dealing with "Get Me In." They are supposed to correct the address so my ticket for the 22nd arrives at your house in time and doesn't get sent here to California while I am in England. This is driving me absolutely crazy! Hopefully today this will finally be resolved. So frustrating! Hope you are having fun! There are some great pubs in Boston and fun restaurants and shops near the water. Hope you get to see everything!- Laura:)
    will have a look later, just need to go out now. Sorry, havent checked there since Friday - currently in USA!
    i have sent you a Q to your myspace site conc your book"morrissey`s manchester"..can you please have a look when you have the time? oh an take your time for the answer as it will be quite a long one i think:blushing:... very much appreciated for your help thnks
    i have no team..i must say im actually not interested in football., had never watched a game etc
    ...but i sympathise with st pauli as mentioned earlier on some thread here...
    tthat brings back a memory when i was on a language course in poole in 1996 where the local lads did chase us around the town as soon as theyve heard were german..they did want to beat us up doesntmatter to them if we are girls or not...all because we had won in football:rolleyes:
    it was a brilliant game.... we just couldnt get that third goal we needed.....

    is your team HSV or St P?
    throws hamburger sv shirt out in the garbage and puts st pauli in suitcase*:p: ;)

    sorry didnt watch the match...i guess you did curse a lot while watching the match ,eh?
    when buying the bus ticket, make sure you state it is for ALL buses, not just for the bus company you are on.
    You buy the ticket from the driver.
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