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    Adelaide, Australia - Thebarton Theatre (Oct. 26, 2016) post-show

    I was on the barrier. My point is, it was sold as a seated concert. Guess people had to stand due to decision to let front rows stand at barrier.
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    Adelaide, Australia - Thebarton Theatre (Oct. 26, 2016) post-show

    My home town! So good to have Morrissey and the band back. Yes, they made it an all seated venue for the night but allowed those with tickets in first 4 rows to stand. Lucky me got barrier. The crowd wasn't that subdued or boring. We can only respond to what Moz gives us, this setlist is quite...
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    Sydney - Vivid LIVE, Sydney Opera House Concert Hall (May 30, 2015) post-show

    ^Totally agree with you Caspar. I had a birds eye view & couldn't believe it when all those people walked in. Would have been very disappointed if I was in the first row. They looked quite arrogant about it too.
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    Sydney - Vivid LIVE, Sydney Opera House Concert Hall (May 30, 2015) post-show

    Typing on the phone, in an airport... I thought last night was brilliant! I've seen Morrissey on a few tours & last night was the most 'relaxed' & happy that I've seen him. Perhaps he's liking the band, the venue...I don't know, he just looked quite playful on stage. The ballot system did seem...
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    Article: Morrissey to play four nights at the Sydney Opera House as headliner of Vivid Live 2015 (Ma

    Wonderful news! The ballot application process has got me worried about my chances (pretty sure they didn't do a ballot when The Cure were the headline at Vivid)
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    TTY: Music awards are none of your business

    How dare Morrissey have an opinion. I wish he would go back to singing about bicycles. Please. This is who Morrissey is - passionate about music and pointing out the sorry state that it is in at present.
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    Which versions of WPINOYB do you own?

    I got the standard CD, deluxe CD, iTunes deluxe and 2x black LP, when I discovered that JB HiFi now sell vinyl.
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    "World Peace..." reviews (, FasterLouder, Seattle Music Insider, Globes, Divirta-se)

    Andrew P Street spent the early 90s trying to get his 'Morrissey inspired' band The Career Girls happening, they never did and he has yet to write any song lyrics close to Morrissey's. So of course, he became a music journalist. He also gave bad reviews to Maladjusted & Southpaw, ho hum
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    Bits of WPINOYB that remind you of other songs

    When I heard the babies/rabies bit in Neal Cassady Drops Dead, I keep thinking there was another song that has used the same rhyme. At first I thought it was a Nirvana song - but last night it came to me, it's Freak by Silverchair "no more maybes/your babies got rabies" Also, in Staircase...
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    WPINOYB: Is the album growing on you?

    I loved ROTT and YOR so much, that my first listen to WPINOYB was a slight letdown. However, after spending the last two days walking the city streets listening to the album through headphones I am totally in love with it. I'm Not A Man is up there with Christian Dior as one of the best songs of...
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    Favorite bonus track off "World Peace Is None Of Your Business"?

    Scandinavia is the best of the extras and better than any of the songs on the album. Art-hounds has been ruined.
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    In some ways the marketing seems better than for YoR - I recall in Australia it took weeks for YoR to be stocked in the big box record shops. This time around the WPINOYB CD was on the shelf last Friday, there was in-store promo and it had a prominent spot on the shelf. The spoken word videos...
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    Scathing article:Guardian: Morrissey You're a Fraud.(Morrissey & his fans have ruined everything)

    Re: Scathing article:Guardian: Morrissey You're a Fraud.(Morrissey & his fans have ruined everything This 'article' is completely nonsensical! So, Morrissey is to blame for who his fans are and what they are doing now they are in their forties? David Cameron liking the Smiths has already...
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    Morrissey reviews from Australian newspapers

    A review of the Opera House concert and Festival Hall, Melbourne
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    Melbourne - Festival Hall (Dec. 19, 2012) post-show

    Some links with pictures from last night in Melbourne (33 photos)
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