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    Morrissey A-Z: "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage"

    Pleasant little self-parody, even the closing line "Everybody's heading for the exit" seems to apply to a certain extent. I can see why it gets the crowd going live, even though he he has better songs than this one.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Jack the Ripper"

    So that's two of his very best B-sides turning up back to back. For me, it feels like the "How soon is now" of his solo career, starting out as a little obscure B-side on the 3rd single of a successful album, making it all the way up to end as one of his most loved songs, always fantastic live...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "I've Changed My Plea To Guilty"

    We are talking 1991 though, still a time when an B-side was as important as an A-side, and an EP as important as a LP. Certainly in the world of Moz.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "I've Changed My Plea To Guilty"

    Songs like this remind me why I love Morrissey. When he's at his best, he's peerless. Brutally honest and moving, pop perfection.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore"

    Thanks for sharing your views. I certainly believe that some thought has gone into the selection of the closing song, and there are many amazing ones like those you mentioned. Regarding YOR, the songs that I like best are indeed spread evenly over the album, but there are several albums where I...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore"

    Well, there seems to be a pattern where he kicks off an album with strong songs that almost everyone likes, then either tries some new sounds on the second half, or keeps repeating the same type of tunes. Either way, most of us will think the album would be better if he had dropped a few songs...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "It Happens Every Time"

    I was actually quite fond of the cover by This Mortal Coil in my younger years, but it has been decades since I last heard it and I don't think that at the time I was aware of the original. So I am fortunate to discover things belatedly :) . But I agree that there's no point in Morrissey...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore"

    I agree, although in my case, it is more an issue on ROTT here I really like the first 8 songs but find myself losing interest after "Hero". LIHS and CS also have that problem, although their closing tracks are strong.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore"

    Easily the most ambitious track on YOR, the last great Whyte composition, and as mentioned already, truly outstanding vocals. I always took it as a rather spiteful break-up song (Do you really think we meant all of those syrupy things we said?) after a passionate relationship (All the gifts...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "It Happens Every Time"

    The self-titled album from which "It happens every time" is taken, is a very pop friendly album. This one is quite to the contrary. The song collection works better as a group than on their own, but I wouldn't mind hearing his version of "Song to a siren".
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    Morrissey A-Z: "It Happens Every Time"

    The first time I heard it, I love both the original and his cover. A little ray of sunlight. Agree that it should have been on the album proper, instead of being tucked away on a vinyl that became available 8 months after the album itself.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small"

    I like the music of the Cobrin composition, but Morrissey was seemingly unable to come up with a strong vocal harmony at that time, so it was kept on the shelves. He was able to fix that problem on the Whyte composition, but the music is very disappointing on that one, just boring indie-rock. So...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Istanbul"

    Fantastic song. I believe that Joe C. described the music as "trying to capture the hectic atmosphere of Istanbul" and I love that idea. The song is indeed full of life, thanks to the samples, noises and rich instrumentation. For me, it was also an occasion to enjoy the music as much as...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Israel"

    I've been thinking about the lyrics because they come across as a patchwork of thoughts. But ultimately, it is a song about the struggle with God (as mentioned by The Truth) and our entire existence ("Earth is one big asylum, one explosive prison cell") due to restrictions imposed by religions...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Interlude" (with Siouxsie)

    Many versions on offer here, I'll settle for the extended Souxsie + Morrissey. This version, together with Moonriver and I'd like to, all recorded around the same time, are signs of a short flirtation with more ethereal soundscapes. It adds to the musical diversity in Morrissey's work that is...
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