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  • I think it's on the last couple of pages of the frink thread! I'd never seen that pic myself until recently! x
    I do like that song but I don't know much else by them. I have it on the Peel Sessions compilation record "Manchester, So Much to Answer For"
    I never watched Barley, only read his "adventures" in TVgohome and liked it so much I didnt want to risk ruining it...does it match up? Cuz let's face it, Brooker + Morris = theoretical dream team. And as for Four Lions, I wish I'd gone to one of the Q&A screenings with Morris, that would have been something else.
    huh, it use to be different, your avatar, you changed it while back and started posting meaner things, thats my memory at least
    I do not want to argue about it
    Ha! Good to know. Me neither, for the record. Oh yeah, they do, I just had to reply on that effing 'frink thread.' Every time I have a look on here the latest post is on that thread! I think they must be menopausal.
    Thanks for accepting. Good to see that not EVERYONE one here seems to be completely insane, potential sex, hello!
    Hey. Thank you for accepting my friendship request, you won't regret it. Or i will try to not make you regret it. I do crap jokes, which is astonishing when you consider the good quality comedy i watch which i belive we share.

    You would think some of it would rub off..:) How are you anyways?

    Yours, Alasdair.
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