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    Songs Morrissey should cover

    Kingdom of Doom - The Good, The Bad & The Queen
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    All UK/European gigs postponed due to "logistical circumstances beyond our control" - management

    I love that second to last paragraph of the statement. It reminds me of some kind of spin concocted by a politicians aid. Yeah give it 6 months Morrissey let it all blow over and hopefully you'll sell an extra 800-1000 tickets come November/December time.
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    New Balls Please: The Case Of The Missing Balls - Peter Katsis via Morrissey Official FB

    I think Morrissey's serotonin has massively diminished coming into the 10's. (more so than usual) He's either trolling with his yes men in his hotel room or spiralling down a dark chasm, mentally. I hope it's the former but at this stage and at his age I doubt it. I honestly think he needs...
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    "How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him" by Stewart Lee - The Guardian

    I wonder if Morrissey is feeling a bit crumpled after this article?
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    Moz with a beard

    Just pissing around on this face app and I thought he looks beaut with a beard!
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    TTY: The face of 2016

    This is better than The Queen Is Dead.
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    TTY: A-Hunting We Will Go !

    Haha I've seen some shit from him in the recent past but this is pathetically bad.
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    "ThunderMoz" - video by Sam Esty Rayner posted on YouTube; "Kiss Me A Lot" outtakes?

    Re: Article: "ThunderMoz" - video by Sam Esty Rayner posted on YouTube; "Kiss Me A Lot" excerpts? via Imgflip Meme Maker
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    TTY: Eminem photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    Haha they're trolling this site now. Moz and co will be pissing themselves at the outrage on here.
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    TTY: Public Enemy! - photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    Re: You are not going to believe the latest SER post on TTY. Really. You are not. Ha this is so bad all you can do is laugh. f*** knows what the next installment will be.
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    David Bowie dies at 69

    I was gutted this morning when I heard the news. He was a true icon, a complete original and was truly art. Let's not be sad, let's listen to one of the greatest there ever was and appreciate his work.
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