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  • haha unicorns, that'd be a far better gift.
    Sounds like a great night although i hope you spared a thought for us night shift workers, thought not ha. X
    No excuse but you're right about my dementia, did you get any nice presents..a handsome bloke with taste perhaps? X
    Mover! I did, not bad..some good tunes. Tricolore still stands out, sounds like Michael Stipe fronting a retro indie band.
    Keeping well? X
    They did a great cover of the Flaming Lips song 'She Don't Use Jelly'.
    I never saw em' live.
    I was having a 90's phase earlier and listening back. x
    2000 - Shack, Les Rythmes Digitales, Campag Velocet, Coldplay
    haha quite a mixed bag eh.
    I saw Coldplay in some Leeds pub before 'Yellow' came out and sent them global.
    I remember thinking 'what a twat', even then.
    I'm not gloating honest, I'm not proud of the fact. X
    Natalie's Party, great opener.
    I love the Michael Head & Strands album, such an understated songwriter.
    A certain habit of theirs was probably the reason why they always seemed to bubble under.
    I remember seeing Shack at Leeds Cockpit with a band called Keane supporting, whatever happened to them? X
    Indeed, it's really good you love your job though..not many people do.
    My uncle lives in Milan, he married an Italian lady.
    Otherwise are you a Shack/Michael Head fan? X
    The Pet Shop Boys god bless em', I'm sure they put on quite a show.
    Would you ever consider moving to another city or country? Even Outer Mongolia is looking appealing at the moment. x
    You're certainly a busy bee this month Nat. Is that it gig wise for a bit?
    I never bought the Florence album, passed me by a little. I have been impressed when I've seen her on festival highlights mind. x
    I do like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's but only i have parts of their career. Their gig in Leeds was sold out before i even noticed.
    10 day stretch at you work shifts? I bet yer shattered.
    Not been up to much myself, although i did go out for some belated birthday drinks on Saturday. I wasted most of Sunday in some sort of drunken daze, drinking isn't something you get better at..the opposite in fact. x
    You wrote for planet sound, that's very cool Nat.
    I noticed you mentioned the band 'Mover', you're the first person I've seen mention them.
    I bought their album after hearing the single 'Tricolore', must've been way back int 90's.
    Had a good weekend? xx
    Do/did you ever read channel 4's 'planet sound' on teletext? Ha yes hardly the internet but it has the best music pages around. xx
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