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    haha. I annoy everyone with just this account, so there would be no point making a second! :D I have a friend called Hana who wants to teach English Language in Africa. I want to be a teacher too, but I'd rather teach from my home country. What made you want to teach away from home? and is it harder teaching in a different place?
    Brummieboy is BenBudd? No surprise there then. Everyone on here seems to have at least one other account on here! How's life going anyway? are you still teaching? :)
    Oh, and thanks for the reco on the directors cut of "Almost Famous". Definitely will check it out. I really like Cameron Crowe's films, usually.

    I'm glad you're getting to catch up on your reading of real books. I can imagine that that given how isolated (geographically) it sounds like you are in Georgia, from what I've gathered from your thread, physical books in English must be quite rare indeed to come by.

    Yes, in that pic with my Mom I was 15. (What could I know?):p I really enjoyed seeing so many of the member's pictures in that thread, especially the childhood ones!:D
    Well, I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do, what with Dodgers Games, food, and seeing your friends and family. :)

    I'm just doing the usual- which is school during the day, and working on the weekends, and some nights :straightface:
    So, how many times have you seen him? Wow, I cannot imagine what it must have been like to see him back then. I am so jealous. But I only have myself to blame for not being there back then too.
    I see. It's been a long time since I've seen that movie.

    Hope you have a pleasant time back home and a good summer!:)
    If I may ask, what is your avatar a picture of? It looks like you're holding a jump drive in the palm of your hand... or maybe doing a magic trick.:p
    Hey Robby!:guitar:
    I hope you're having a good time back in the USA.

    When do you go back to Georgia?
    I just don't get to talk about Morrissey with anyone often and half the time I am afraid to say what I feel on these message boards because I don't want to someone to jump down my throat and start calling me names. It's sad. I can't believe I wrote so much I had to split it up into three separate messages!
    Usually, I loathe music made by great bands when they get older and feel they ruin their legacy and legend. But Morrissey is the exception to the rule, at least in my eyes. I adore his last three albums and Swords. I love everything he has ever done. I could have seen him a few times in the past years if I had realized earlier that I loved his later music. I had all his CDs but was scared if I didn't like the recent ones, it would ruin his image in my eyes. Seems stupid now, but that's the way I felt at the time. In the eyes of this place, I am a sycophant, as they say, because Morrissey can almost do no wrong in my eyes. There is very little he could do that would make me upset, but it is possible. He just has never done anything to make me feel the necessity of criticizing him. His music has given me so much happiness I just can't say a bad word about him. I have to much respect. Wow, I am really rambling on here. I am sorry.
    I really hope that you do get to see him again. I would give anything to be able to get in a time machine and see The Smiths live or Morrissey in the 90's. I got into Moz when I was already a bit older and it kills me to think if I had gotten into his music when I was younger, all those years ago, I could have and would have gone to see him every single time he came to New York since the Kill Uncle tour. Even after I began listening to The Smiths, it took me a while longer to get into Moz's solo music and even after I did, it took me even more time to listen to his later music because I was quite the ageist and thought that once a music artist gets to a certain age, he or she is incapable of making good music...
    I also have a ticket for Atlantic City in December, which is the last night of the tour. Three of the four shows are general admission but Radio City is seated. But, I have a front row ticket. I paid more than any sane human being would ever pay to see any band or singer, but I don't care. Anyway, I hope I don't sound like I am bragging, because I don't mean to. I am just so excited. I am embarrassed to say that I have never seen Morrissey live yet. Have you?
    Well then I have plenty of time to catch up. October is going to be a great month because I will be seeing Morrissey three times. Plus I am no fan of the summer and cannot wait until fall and Halloween!
    I like True Blood as well. I am definitely going to have to check out the Walking Dead. I only hear great things about it. Is it in between seasons now? Perhaps I should catch up before the new season begins.
    You know, I've actually never seen it. But everyone tells me to watch it because it would be right up my alley. I'm actually more of a vampire fan though. Do you like the show?
    Thank you very much! I thought it was cute and went with my name here, Dead Girl, quite well. :)
    So, you're back in the States for a bit? Be safe and hope you can get caught up with those familiarities you've been missing.:)
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