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  • He considers that his time spent in Philadelphia as a "mulligan"..Gotta blame the front office for poor talent evaluation during that period of Phllies history..BTW, did Sarah Pallin ever answer ONE question she was asked tonight??
    Not to look too far ahead, but I could certainly see that happening..Should be good because Francona is consider a joke in this town, but is now on his way to a hall of fame managerial career..go figure..
    Well yes, I merely meant that it looks so much more (gay) BRIGHT now :D

    It is going quite well actually, but we're not rehearsing at the moment since I caught the flu 3 weeks ago and my voice just refuses to fully recover :mad:

    Your beloved neighbours still in Party mode?
    Stressful, but the new house is lovely, has a huge garden too so I won't complain really.
    I see that you've finally *pimp'd* your profile, nice :p

    Oh lord, I wrote Anto..
    Thanks a lot, dear. I never meant to disappear; thing is, I moved house..and I got my beloved internet back only 2 hours ago when I finally got everything to work.
    What have I missed out on (terence-wise, not forum-wise)? Hope you're well.
    I was writing on your facebook wall this morning, then it messed up!?!? then it wouldn't load....then i had to go to work.
    You guessed right! School is keeping me away, but if anyone asks you, you're free to tell them that I moved to New Zealand and I am looking for a job. Any job. (Prostitution is legal there, so be creative :D)
    I'm just joking with you. I know you'd never use that number of brackets in a paragraph.
    Sleep well Terencino.
    I am experienced with Yankee folk. Why do we call you 'Yanks' anyway? Dull question.
    Any news from xxxcockmasterxxx?
    Ah, I'm bored this evening. There's not many posts to contribute too.
    Take it easy Terence. Keep up the positions.
    England is chipper, thanks. I'm a bit excitable coz I have a U.S chum staying this weekend and I get to be tour guide.
    How art thou? Are you gonna get wasted and visit the chat room?!
    Mind body and spirit as they say. It would be good to start at a basic level, i'd probably have to go to a Granny class, which could be interesting - Too many MILF movies...:)

    I got into meditation years ago and it was great - though you've got to keep it up apparently.:)
    It's such a good idea.

    I'll have to try something like that, i think i need something quite radical. Do you feel any benefits? Though, it's early days i suppose..:)
    You seem to be on a bit of a purification trip these days. Did i read you were attending Yoga classes?

    It sounds good.
    It seems to be fine now but i won't get too cocky at this early stage..:)

    I went cold turkey with the quavers - just deciding on my next indulgence..:)
    It is with great pleasure that I accept your sincere thanks for my acceptance. May the Lord have mercy on your in-sole.
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